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Stationery Cards

Kurt Rahn (kurtrahn)

This is where I want to be...

by Kurt Rahn

Set of folded stationery cards printed on bright white, smooth card stock to bring your personal artistic style to everyday correspondence. Each card is blank on the inside and includes a soft white, European fold envelope for mailing.

D.N.A. commented on August 9, 2012 7:38am
Love it :D
secretgardenphotography [Nicol… commented on August 12, 2012 2:51pm
Beautifully captured!!
Sarah Eisenlohr commented on August 13, 2012 8:05pm
Pretty! I like your outdoor theme
Roma commented on August 26, 2012 1:47am
What a poetic shot !
Victor Vercesi commented on September 2, 2012 4:52pm
utterly fantastic, great image!
Christy Leigh commented on September 3, 2012 9:45pm
nice shot!
ijin commented on September 4, 2012 3:54pm
it reminds me of a thumb print...gorgeous.
Fimbis commented on September 7, 2012 8:29am
Lost & Fawned commented on September 15, 2012 6:50am
Beautiful capture. We had our wedding in this very spot 3 years ago. Have my eye on this for our home.
In The Modern Era commented on September 15, 2012 7:49am
Great work sir
.eg. commented on September 18, 2012 4:57am
Chad Gowey commented on September 29, 2012 8:18pm
Beautiful balance of light and texture!
Kurt Rahn commented on September 29, 2012 8:53pm
Thanks everyone for your amazingly kind words
Jay Hops :: www.jayhops.de commented on October 3, 2012 10:37am
good work man!
Christopher Richards commented on October 3, 2012 10:39am
That really is amazing! Stunning colors, and I love the ripples in the water!
AA Morgenstern commented on October 6, 2012 9:27am
omg so amazing!! The light, the mood!!
Moe Mannerfelt commented on October 15, 2012 8:02am
love it!
Den Brooks commented on October 19, 2012 6:31am
Nice gallery)
Jay W commented on October 22, 2012 9:29pm
Visiting this photo again - it just works on so many levels - great shot.
⊙ Paolo Tonon commented on October 29, 2012 12:22am
Me too
Pixel Pop commented on October 29, 2012 6:58am
amazing capture!
tyraelvira commented on November 2, 2012 1:52pm
AnishaCreations commented on November 4, 2012 5:44am
Yep, me too! Lovely image.
Skye Zambrana commented on November 4, 2012 7:04pm
Wow!! Beautiful!!
Organism12 commented on November 10, 2012 1:50pm
obviously, this is a favorite! so naturally beautiful.
Georgianna Lane Photography commented on November 26, 2012 8:36pm
Wonderful image – captures the magic of that location beautifully!
Angela commented on November 29, 2012 6:38am
Simply awesome!
kyle skor commented on December 1, 2012 1:22pm
a new sun :))) glorious
Nikola Nupra commented on December 1, 2012 9:14pm
Your photography is very beautiful.
Brandon Neher commented on December 6, 2012 10:29am
Awesome image!
MazOneTwoOne commented on December 9, 2012 10:40am
Betty Mackey commented on January 5, 2013 4:32pm
Beautiful work, wow!
Rebekah E Designs commented on January 11, 2013 10:13pm
Very cool!!
KennethKabbal commented on January 16, 2013 8:09pm
Instant fave!
willingthe7 commented on January 22, 2013 1:00pm
Top-Notch! :)
Kurt Rahn commented on January 22, 2013 7:55pm
Thank you everyone for your kind words!
Lou Gibbs commented on January 25, 2013 7:59am
me tooooo you have caught a beautiful place....
carlie allan commented on February 11, 2013 4:02pm
I had to take a break from promoting last night when I realized most of the pictures are from the North West haha I got too excited. It's a beautiful place and you capture it so well!
Kurt Rahn commented on February 15, 2013 8:18pm
Thanks so much Lou and Carlie!
Stever commented on February 19, 2013 10:17pm
Orrrrgggggaaaasssssmmmmm! Probly one of my favs on this site ;) Well done!
MUSENYO commented on February 26, 2013 6:21pm
amazing composition! :)
CrismanArt commented on March 8, 2013 11:24am
Marie Grand-Clement commented on March 8, 2013 3:33pm
love this :D
Kurt Rahn commented on March 8, 2013 8:38pm
Thanks Stever, Musenyo, Crisman, & Marie
Wayne Edson Bryan commented on March 12, 2013 8:08am
Oh Yeah! ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 👍
Ryan Fernandez Photography commented on March 12, 2013 11:06pm
Beautiful atmosphere...almost looks like a thumbprint :)
Luke Wisner commented on March 28, 2013 9:18am
great lighting
Eirin Wie Haveland commented on May 22, 2013 2:42pm
This is so beautiful!!
Federico Faggion commented on May 24, 2013 10:37am
love it!!
Kurt Rahn commented on June 21, 2013 1:48pm
Thanks so much!
Angelo Cerantola commented on June 28, 2013 2:39am
Definitely outstanding!
Kurt Rahn commented on June 28, 2013 8:48am
Thanks Angelo
Milan C commented on August 16, 2013 9:46am
Sara Eshak commented on August 30, 2013 5:40pm
Lovely work!!
Kurt Rahn commented on September 5, 2013 3:50pm
Wow! Thanks Milan and Sara!
Kim Lucian Photography commented on September 25, 2013 11:18am
Sweet drops of Honey commented on September 25, 2013 12:40pm
The light! :)
Kristijan D. commented on September 28, 2013 4:52pm
love it
karen owens commented on October 2, 2013 8:33pm
Beautiful! I love the way it reflects in the water to create a whole new shape.
Hirstly Photography & Design commented on October 8, 2013 1:59pm
absolutely love this!
RS Studio commented on October 12, 2013 8:45am
Annie Japaud commented on November 17, 2013 4:50am
gorgeous capture!!
Kurt Rahn commented on November 17, 2013 8:29am
Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
Ming Myaskovsky commented on November 23, 2013 9:17am
Perfect, awesome and breathtakingly beautiful!! ;)
hipepper commented on December 5, 2013 1:12pm
Very nice colors, good job!
Amee Cherie Piek commented on December 18, 2013 12:30pm
You are simply fantastic at what you do!
ColorWorkStudio commented on January 9, 2014 8:26pm
Wow! Takes your breath away...great shot!
Chris Dela Llana commented on January 16, 2014 12:45pm
Wow, too good.
Kaan Aloğlu commented on February 6, 2014 8:50pm
very good composition such as fingerprints!
Tyler Spangler commented on February 13, 2014 7:06pm
Nice work!
Tyler Spangler commented on February 15, 2014 3:05pm
Really love this...
Tyler Spangler commented on February 18, 2014 6:00pm
So rad!!!
zachary herrera commented on March 2, 2014 11:59pm
I love your use of the sun in this photo. Simply beautiful.
Antoine commented on June 5, 2014 4:06pm
wonderful photo
organicdreams commented on July 15, 2014 12:28pm
love it
Klaudia G commented on August 19, 2014 1:14pm
Light Leek at its best!
ijin commented on August 21, 2014 7:55am
You are my absolute favorite on society 6!! Every photo is beautiful!
ijin commented on August 21, 2014 7:57am
Oh and this looks like nature's fingerprint on water. :)
Ana G commented on August 22, 2014 10:40am
The light is so beautiful.
Tris Anderson Photography commented on October 13, 2014 4:46pm
Modern, fresh and youthful but consistent with your style.
DANIEL COULMANN commented on November 2, 2014 1:30am
Great colors and light - Amazing!
AMRadcliffe commented on December 15, 2014 2:24pm
Really interesting framing on this--that along with the burnout on the left transforms it from a landscape into something more intense. I like it!
forgottenfolks commented on January 10, 2015 4:24am
Mike Oncley commented on February 20, 2015 1:54pm
This shot looks great on a shirt! I've included it in my Collection 'Photo Fashion': http://society6.com/mikeoncley/collec...to-fashion
aPersonalidea commented on March 27, 2015 9:07am
Nice Work! We'd love to see more of your works!
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SIGN::project commented on April 1, 2015 6:56am
Assiyam commented on April 11, 2015 1:40pm
Chelsea Victoria commented on April 14, 2015 7:34am
CharismArt commented on April 14, 2015 1:41pm
cool one..well done!
Kelly Graham commented on April 29, 2015 11:34am
beautiful capture of haystack rock
CityOfSleepers commented on May 16, 2015 5:43am
Beautiful Kurt!
Stephanie Stonato commented on June 7, 2015 3:45pm
Stunning! Promoted and following. : )
Saoge commented on June 22, 2015 9:21am
Jane Lacey Smith commented on July 14, 2015 12:17pm
Matt Pecson commented on July 18, 2015 4:04pm
Beautiful! Promoted!
CityOfSleepers commented on September 21, 2015 6:05am
Amazing mood Kurt!!
AmDuf commented on October 17, 2015 7:56am
this is....stunning!
The Art Of Michael Baca commented on December 24, 2015 12:09am
Wow, this is an amazing shot. Love this!
Amber Marine commented on January 5, 2016 6:41pm
Beautiful capture!
Halina Jasińska photography commented on January 27, 2016 4:06am
like it :)
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