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T'Pol was a Vulcan assigned to Jonathan Archer's Warp 5 ship the Enterprise NX-01. Archer was not the biggest fan of Vulcans at first, and this caused problems. However, the more Archer was exposed to the Vulcan way of thinking, and the more T'Pol was exposed to the human way of thinking, they started to find a happy medium.

It seems the marriage of Human emotions and Vulcan logic was just what was required for great harmony of achievement.

Now, T'Pol was originally placed on the ship to act somewhat as a spy for the Vulcan High Command. This would prove problematic. Though, as time went on and she developed feeling and relationships with the crew of the Enterprise, T'Pol found herself siding with her human friends over the Vulcans, seeing it as the logical choice.

This would eventually lead to her being removed from a seat of Vulcan power - luckily for all, however, she was able to enlist in Starfleet and carry on in her important role.

It should also be noted that she was the mother of the first Human-Vulcan child, a parentage she shared with Trip. Even if the child was formed through stolen DNA.

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