Treacherous Waters - Vaquita Porpoise Clear iPhone Case

Clear iPhone Case

Treacherous Waters - Vaquita Porpoise

by Amber Marine

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A vigilant mother vaquita porpoise guides her rambunctious young calf through the deadly waters of their home in the Sea of Cortez. Even with no fishermen in sight, the dangers of man remain ever present as a ghostly derelict net grasps up from the depths, threatening to entangle all who come too close.


The vaquita is the smallest cetacean in the world - a beautiful porpoise endemic to the Gulf of California. The greatest threat to the vaquita is man, and careless human activity may drive them to extinction very soon. Current reports say that fewer than 60 vaquitas are left.

The Mexican government recently banned the use of gill nets in the waters the vaquita calls home...

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