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Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor by stefanoreves
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Tote Bag
Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor by stefanoreves
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Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag

Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag
Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag
Double-tap to zoom
Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag
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Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag
Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor Tote Bag
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Tote Bag
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Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor by

Our premium Tote Bags are hand-sewn in the U.S.A. and feature a high-quality print that’ll never fade. Constructed with a premium, canvas-like material and double-stitched for quality, our totes make amazing grocery and beach bags.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Crafted with durable, lightweight poly poplin fabric
  • Double-stitched seams and stress points
  • 1” wide cotton webbing carrying strap
  • Machine washable, tumble dry low
Made to order
Each Society6 product is individually printed and assembled when you order it, so please allow 3-5 days manufacture time for your custom product.
No-hassle returns
We want you to be stoked with your purchase, so if you’re not, let us know. We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which means free refunds and exchanges.
Every purchase pays an artist
Society6 artists live all over the world, and every purchase puts money right in their pockets. We’ve been helping artists do what they love since 2009.
Also available as

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Kartoffeln im Ofen gebacken Bacalao al horno con cebollas y patatas Baccalà in umido Morue en sauce (à la provençale) Stewed salt cod In Salz konservierter Dorsch in Sauce Bacalao guisado Baccalà Mantecato Brandade De Morue brandade Of Salt Cod Stockfisch-Brandade Bacalao A La Provenzal Baccalà Stoccafisso Morue Salt Cod, Stockfish Stockfisch Bacalao Barbo, Barbio Barbeau Barbe Barbe Barbo Barracuda Luccio di mare Luccio di mare Luccio di mare Luccio di mare Bastoncini di pesce Bâtonnets de poisson Fish fingers Fischstäbchen, n Bastoncitos de pescado Bianchetti Poutines Whitebaits Kleine Weissfische Chanquetes Bianchetti, Gianchettib lanchailles Whitebaits WeissFische Chanquetes Bistecca di pesce spada Darne d'espadon Swordfish steak Schwertifisch-Steak, n Loncha de pez espada Bocconcini di salmone Bouchées de saumon Salmon bites Lachshäppchen Bocaditos de salmón Boga Bogue Bogue Boga; Blöker, m Boga Bollito misto di pesce Pot-au-feu de poisson Boiled mixed fish Gemischter Kochfisch Mixto de pescado cocido Bonita (Bonito) Tonnetto Tonnetto Tonnetto Tonnetto Bottatrice Lotte de Riviére Burbot, Eel-Pout Aalquappe, Aalraupe Lota Bottatrice Lotte de mer Burbot; eel-pout Quappe; Allraupe Lota Branzino Bar; loup Bass; sea bass Seebarsch Lubina, f Calamari Calmars Calamaries, Squids Kalmare Calamares Calamari fritti Calmars frits Fried squids Fritierte Tintenfische Calamares fritos Calcinelli, Telline Olives Wedge Shells, Coquinas Dreieckmuscheln Coquinas Canestrelli Peignes Pilgrim scallops Kammuscheln, f Zamburiñas, f Cannolicchi, Cannelli Couteaux Razor Shells, Razor Clams Messermuschein, Navajas Canocchie, Pannocchi Squilles Squills, Rnantis Shrimps Heuschreckenkrebse Galeras Capitone (grossa anguilla femmina) Grande anguille femelle Large female eel Großer weiblicher Aal Capitón (gruesa hembra de anguila) Capone (Cappone) Grondin Gurnard Knurrhahn Rubio Carassio Carassin Crucian Karausche Carasio Carlino Sarago Sarago Sarago Sarago Carne secca di tonno Viande de thon séchée Dried tuna flesh Getrockneter Thunfisch Carne seca de atún Carpa Carpe Carp Karpfen Carpa Carpaccio di branzino Carpaccio de bar (fines tranches crues marinées) Sea bass carpaccio (raw marinated paper-thin slices) Carpaccio (hauchdünne rohe marinierte Scheiben) vom Seebarsch Carpaccio (lonchas finas crudas marinadas) de lubina Carpaccio di pesce spada affumicato Carpaccio d'espadon fumé (fines tranches marineés) Smoked swordfish carpaccio (marinated paper-thin slices) Carpaccio (hauchdünne marinierte Scheiben) von geräuchertem Schwertfisch Carpaccio de pez espada ahumado (lonchas finas marinadas) Carpione Carpion Lake-Garda trout Gardaseeforelle, f Trucha del lago de Garda Cartoccio di aragosta Papillote de langouste Spiny lobster baked in foil In Folie gebackene Languste Langosta en papillote Cartoccio di trota alle erbe Papillote de truite aux herbes Trout with herbs baked in foil Forelle mit Kräutern, in Folie gebacken Trucha y hierbas en papillote Cavedano Chevaine Chub Döbel Cacho Cavedano Chevesne Chub Döbel Cacho Ceche (Anguille Alevins D'anguille Young Eels, Elvers Glasaale Angulas Cefalo, Muggine Mulet Grey Mullet Meerasche Mujol, Cabezudo Cepola Cépole Red bandfish Bandfisch, m Cinta Cernia Cernier Wreckfish, Stone-Bass Wrackbarsch Mero, Cherna Cernia Mérou Wreckfish, Stone-Bass Wrackbarsch Mero Chenelle Di Luccio Quenelles De brochet Pike Quenelles Pike Balls Hechtklobchen Albòndigas De Lucio Cheppia, Alosa Alose Allice Shad, Alose Maifisch, Alse Sabalo, Alosa Cicala grande Magnosa Magnosa Magnosa Magnosa Cobite Loche Loach Schmerle Locha Coda Di Rospo Lotte (De Mer) Angler-Fish, Frog-Fish Anglerfisch, Seeteufel Rape, Pejesapo Code di gamberi Queues d'écrevisses Prawn tails Garnelenschwänze, m Colas de gambas code di Gamberi Gratinati Gratin De Queues d'ècrevisse Crayfish-Tails Au Gratin Gratin Von Krebs-schwänzen Colas De Cangrejos Al Gratin Conchiglie Coquilles Scallops Jakobsmuscheln, Conchas De Peregrino, Conchiglie di San Giacomo (San Jacopo) Coquilles Saint-Jacques Pilgrim scallops Jakobsmuscheln, f Conchas de peregrino Coregono Bianco Féra Whitefish Sandfelchen, Silberfelechen Farra Coregono, Lavarello Corégone Whitefish Felchen, Renke Coregono, Tarra Corifena, Lampuga Coriphune Dorado, Dolphin Goldmakrele Lampuga, Dorado Corvina Corb, m Corb Meerrabe, m Corvallo, m Cosce di rane Cuisses de grenouille Frog legs Froschschenkel, m Muslos de ranas Costardelle (Costardelli) Orphies Sauries; skippers Makrelenhechte, m Papardas Cotolette impanate di palombo Darnes panées de chien de mer Breaded smooth hound steak Panierte Glatthaikoteletts, n Escalopes empanadas de jurel Cozze, Mitili Moules Mussels Miesmuscheln Mejillones Crostacei Crustacés Crustaceans Krustentiere, n Crustáceos Cuori Di Mare Bucardes Cockles Herzmuscheln Berberechos Cuori Di Mare Coques Cockles Herzmuscheln Berberechos Dadolata di coda di rospo Lotte de mer en dés Diced monkfish Seeteufel-Würfel, m Daditos de rape Datteri Di Mare Dattes De Mer Date-Shells Meerdatteln, Steindad Dàtiles De Mar Dentice Denté Dentex Zahnbrasse Dentón Dragoni Tracine Tracine Tracine Tracine Eglefino Aiglefin (Fresh) Haddock Schellfisch Eglefino Eglefino Eglefin (Fresh) Haddock Schellfisch Abadejo Eglefino Eglefino Affumicato Haddock (Aiglefin Smoked Haddock Fhaddock Pejepalo (Abadejo Ahumado) Fasolari Clams Cockles Braune Venusmuscheln Almejones de sangre Favollo Crabe pinces-noires Furry crab Strandkrabbe Morano Fico Musdèa Musdèa Musdèa Musdèa Filetti di anguilla affumicata Filets d'anguille fumé Filets of smoked eel Räucheraal-Filets, n Filetes de anguila ahumada Filetti Di Sogliola Sole (Filets De) Fillets of Sole Seezungenfilets Filetes De Lenguado Orly Filetti di sogliola fritti Filets de sole frits Fried sole fillets Gebackene Seezungenfilets Filetes de lenguado fritos Filetti di trota Filets de truite Filets of trout Forellenfilets Filetes de trucha Foladi Pholades Piddocks Bohrmuscheln Datiles De Mar Fritto misto di pesce Friture de poissons assortis Mixed fried fish Gemischte Fischfritüre, f Pescado mixto frito Frittura Di Pesce Friture De Poissons Mixed Fried Fish Fischfriture Fritura De Pescado Frutti Di Mare Fruits De Mer Seafood Meeresfruchte Mariscos Gamberetti Crevettes (Grises) Shrimps Garnelen, Krabben Camarones, Quisquillas Gamberi Écrevisses Prawns Garnelen, f Gambas, f Gamberi di fiume Écrevisses de rivière Crayfish Flußgarnelen Gambas de río Gamberi Imperiali Gambas Prawns Hummerkrabben Gambas, Langostinos Gamberoni Gambas King prawns Riesengarnelen Camarones Garusoli Murici Murici Murici Murici Gattuccio Roussette, f Dogfish Katzenhai Pintarroja, f Ghiozzo Gobie Goby Meergrundel Gobio, Pez Del Diablo Girella di sogliola farcita Rosette de sole farcie Stuffed sole spiral Gefüllte Seezungen-Spirale Espiral de lenguado rellena Gobioni (Gobbi) Gobies Gudgeons Gründlinge Gobios Gobioni, Ghiozzi Goujons Gudgeons Grundlinge Gobios Granceole Araignées De Mer Spider-Crabs Meerspinnen Centollas Grancevola tiepida Araignée de mer tiède Lukewarm spider-crab Warme Meerspinne Centollo templado Granchi Crabes Shore Crabs, Green Crabs Strandkrabben Càmbaros, Cangrejos De Mar Granciporro Tourteau Crab Taschenkrebs Masera, Buey Granciporro Pagure Edible crab Taschenkrebs Buey Grigliata mista di pesce Grillade de poissons assortis Mixed fish grill Gemischte Fisch-Grillplatte Parrillada de pescado Grongo Congre Conger, Conger Eel Meeraal Congrio Guazzetto di rane alle erbe aromatiche Grenouilles à la nage aux fines herbes Frog stew with aromatic herbs Froschschenkel in Tomatensauce mit Gewürzkräutern Guiso de ranas con hierbas aromáticas Intingolo di lumachine di mare Bigorneaux à la nage Whelk stew Tunke aus Meeresschnecken Guiso de caracoles de mar Involtini di pesce spada Paupiettes d'espadon Swordfish rolls Schwertfisch-Rouladen Rollitos de pez espada Ippoglosso (Halibut) Flétan Halibut Heilbutt Halibut Ippoglosso, Halibut Flétan Halibut Heilbutt Halibut, Hipogloso Lampreda Lamproie Lamprey Neunauge, Lamprete Lamprea Lampuga Coryphène Dolphin fish Goldmakrele Llampuga Latterini Nonnats Sand Smelts Abrenfische Pejerrey Latticini di mare Uova di seppia Uova di seppia Uova di seppia Uova di seppia Lavarello, Lavaretto Lavaret Lavaret, Whitefish Felchen, Renke Farra Leccia Liche Amberjack Gabelmakrele Palometón, m Leucisco Gardon Roach Plötze Bermejuela Limanda Limande Dab Kliesche Limanda Linguattole Cardines Spotted flounders Einflossige Schollen Solletas Littorine Bigorneaux Periwinkles Strandschnecken Bigaros Lota Bottatrice Bottatrice Bottatrice Bottatrice Luccio Brochet Pike Hecht Lucio Luccio di mare Brochet de mer European barracuda Pfeilhecht Lucio de mar Lucioperca, Sandra Sandre Pike-Perch Zander, Hechtbarsch Lucioperca Lumache Escargots Snails Schnecken Caracoles Lumache di mare Bigorneaux Whelks Meeresschnecken Caracoles de mar Magnosa Coryphène Flat lobster Bärenkrebs, m Cigarra Masanete (Mazanete) (femmine di granchio con uova) Crabes à laitance (femelles de crabe avec oeufs) Female shore crabs with roe Weibliche Krebse mit Eiern Nécoras (hembras de cangrejo con huevas) Medaglioni di aragosta Médaillons de langouste Spiny-lobster medallions Langusten-Medaillons, n Medallones de langosta Medaglioni di coda di rospo Médaillons de lotte de mer Monkfish medaillons Medaillons vom Seeteufel Medallones de rape Melù Merlu Blue whiting Mittelmeerdorsch Bocaladilla, f Menano, Merlango Merlan Whiting Merlan Pescadilla, Merlan Merlano Nero Lieu Noir Coal-Fish Kohler, Seelachs Faneca Merluzzo Cabillaud Cod. Codfish Kabeljau Bacalao (Fresco) Mezzelune di sogliola alla crema Demi-lunes de sole à la crème Sole crescents with cream sauce Seezungen-Halbmonde mit Rahmsauce Mediaslunas de lenguado con crema Millefoglie al salmone Mille-feuille au saumon Salmon in puff pastry Lachs-Blätterteigschnitte Milhojas de salmón Moleche, Granchi Crabes Mous Sott-Shelled Crabs Strandkrabben Càmbaros Mollares Molluschi Mollusques Molluscs Weichtiere, n Moluscos Molo Merlano Merlano Merlano Merlano Molva Lingue Ling Leng Molva Mormora (Marmora) Mourme Striped bream Marmorbrasse Herrera Moscardini Muscardins Curled octopus Moschuspolypen Pulpos blancos Moscardini bolliti con olio e limone Muscardins bouillis à l'huile et au citron Boiled curled octopus with oil & lemon Gekochte Moschuspolypen mit Öl u. Zitrone Pulpos blancos cocidos con aceite y limón Mostella Musdea Musdea Musdea Musdea Motella Motelle Rockling Seequappe Motela Murena Muréne Moray Murene Morena, Murena Murici Murex, inv Murex Purpurschnecken, f Múrices, f Musdea Phycis, m inv Forkbeard Mittelmeertrüche Brótola de roca Nasello, Merluzzo Colin Hake Seehecht Merluza Novellame Bianchetti Bianchetti Bianchetti Bianchetti Occhiata Oblade Saddled bream Seebrasse Oblada Ombrina Ombrine Bar, Maigre Umber Umbrina Ombrina boccadoro (gialla) Ombrine bouche d'or Meagre Adlerfisch, m Corvina Orata Daurade (Royale) Gilthead Goldbrasse Dorada Orecchie Marine Ormeaux Ormers, Sea-Ears Meerohren Orejas De Mar Ostriche Huitres Oysters Austern Ostras Paganelli Ghiozzi Ghiozzi Ghiozzi Ghiozzi Pagello Pageot (Pag

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Tuna fish - still life - fine art - photo - print, high quality,macro, interior design, wall decor
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