"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" by amarnathart
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"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" by amarnathart
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"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug

"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" Coffee Mug
Coffee Mug
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"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" by

Our premium ceramic Coffee Mugs make art part of your everyday life. These cool cups also happen to be one of our most popular gifting items - because they’re both useful and thoughtful.

  • Available in 11oz and 15oz options
  • Premium ceramic construction
  • Wraparound artwork
  • Large handles for easy gripping
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
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"Twenty Twelve Nataraja" is a devotional painting for Lord Shiva. He is depicted lying in the ocean of Amrita. The three white lines on his forehead (representing the three worlds) become the sails of the vessal to cross the ocean of transmigration. From his navel, the power of creation emminates, spilling down below the surface of manifestation to it’s source, the pure consciosness of the Shiva Lingam. Painted within the blue orb is Nataraja performing his eternal dance, coverered beneath crackled layers. In the root, Kali dances as Mary turns from the cross to face eternal reality. The center focal point has a ruby cabochon as a sun-like bindu for the celestial story to unfold around. The Sanskrit circumambulating the painting’s border says “Aum Namah Shivaya” {I bow to the absolute consciousness}

"Twenty Twelve Nataraja"
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