United We Stand by photographybymsjudi

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Bath Mat
United We Stand by photographybymsjudi
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United We Stand Bath Mat

United We Stand Bath Mat
United We Stand Bath Mat
United We Stand Bath Mat
United We Stand Bath Mat
United We Stand Bath Mat
United We Stand Bath Mat

United We Stand Bath Mat

Mat Size
17" X 24" ($27.99)
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17" X 24" ($27.99)
21" X 34" ($33.99)

The perfect Bath Mats: fuzzy, foamy and finely enhanced with brilliant art. Featuring a soft, quick-dry microfiber surface, memory foam cushion and skid-proof backing. Time to lose that ratty shower rug and update your bathroom.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Soft, fuzzy microfiber surface
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Skid-proof backing
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle, hang dry
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The motto of the July 1942 flag-cover campaign has been in popular use since the time of the American Revolution. It originated in the fourth verse of a 1768 patriotic ballad, The Liberty Song, by John Dickinson. During the Civil War, the phrase became a rallying cry for the Union cause. By the early 20th century, labor unions had taken up the slogan as a call for solidarity in the struggle for better working conditions. In World War II, United We Stand invoked not just American patriotism but unity among the Allied nations, as expressed by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in her address to the U.S. Congress on August 5, 1942: “United we stand, and united we will achieve victory.” Most recently, in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the phrase United We Stand reemerged along with the flag as Americans confronted a new national crisis.

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