Watercolor Fox  by lunabrie

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Watercolor Fox by lunabrie
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Watercolor Fox Rug

Watercolor Fox  Rug
Watercolor Fox  Rug
Watercolor Fox  Rug
Watercolor Fox  Rug

Watercolor Fox Rug

2' X 3' ($34.99)
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2' X 3' ($34.99)
3' X 5' ($64.99)
4' X 6' ($94.99)

Reimagine the classic home decor essential: our Rugs feature one-of-a-kind designs printed on a subtle chevron weave. From understated styles to bold statements, find the perfect throw rug to accent any room.

  • Available in three sizes
  • Crafted with 100% woven polyester
  • Subtle, durable chevron weave
  • Machine washable
  • Skid pad is included
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Watercolor Fox Art, Fox Wall Art, Fox Totem, Fox Painting, Rainbow, Watercolor Wall Art


Totem: Feminine Magic, Camouflage, Shape-shifter, Protector in the spaces between.

The mystery of the fox. Related to Wolves, foxes are part of the Canidae family, but unlike wolves they are very solitary animals. They are more like cats then dogs, in that they are nocturnal, they have sensitive whiskers and spines on their tongues. They live on every continent except Antarctica.

As a totem they are a symbol of camouflage, quick wit cunning and agility magic. Being a night creature, fox is often imbued with supernatural powers. Foxes are usually seen at dawn and dusk, the time when the world of magic and our everyday realities cross paths. They live in the in-between realms of evening and night, night and dawn, as well as the space between waking consciousness and deep sleep.

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Canidae

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