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Freeminds (freeminds)


by Freeminds

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cute, little, girl, shadow...

Bruce Stanfield commented on July 31, 2012 9:06am
Freeminds commented on July 31, 2012 9:07am
Thanks ^_^
mrbiscuit commented on July 31, 2012 9:12am
This is totally spot on!
PAUL PiERROt commented on July 31, 2012 10:14am
super thumbs up! :) freeminds!
munieca commented on July 31, 2012 10:21am
Love this one!
Ben Geiger commented on July 31, 2012 10:47am
I LOVE THIS! I have been drawing things like this but a guy character(me) and the wolf the same(like my dog{a black German Shepard}). LOVE your style on this!
Freeminds commented on July 31, 2012 11:49am
Thanks guys c:
Tuky Waingan commented on July 31, 2012 1:08pm
dvdesign commented on July 31, 2012 1:46pm
me encantan tus trabajos son excelentes!
tscreative commented on July 31, 2012 1:46pm
Such an awesome body of artwork! Great piece!
Menina Lisboa commented on July 31, 2012 2:09pm
it makes me remind of japanese movies!
rollerpimp commented on July 31, 2012 2:23pm
Wow! This is super cool
Haragos commented on July 31, 2012 8:28pm
Stop amazing!
Venetta commented on July 31, 2012 10:19pm
Freeminds commented on July 31, 2012 11:34pm
thanks :>
Jaanwarr commented on August 1, 2012 3:13am
Love thy colors.!
Mitch Ethridge commented on August 1, 2012 8:11am
This. Is. SICK. Incredible work!
Diego Tirigall commented on August 1, 2012 8:51am
love it!
Freeminds commented on August 1, 2012 10:19am
Thanks :3
Brandon Dover (Braniel) commented on August 1, 2012 10:25pm
Such wonderful work:) Great style!
Exit Man commented on August 2, 2012 7:48am
Sybille Sterk commented on August 2, 2012 4:24pm
a.rose commented on August 4, 2012 11:55am
Maria Jose Da Luz commented on August 4, 2012 3:04pm
WOW! this is superb i love your style!
Silly Hilli commented on August 6, 2012 10:42am
gorgeous. love it.
Freeminds commented on August 6, 2012 12:05pm
Thank you ^_^
Wondrous Sky commented on August 9, 2012 1:14pm
very cool :)
Lukas Stobie commented on August 28, 2012 11:25pm
Very nice image. Good work.
Wayne Edson Bryan commented on October 7, 2012 3:41pm
これが大好き ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 👍
lovetoclick commented on October 14, 2012 10:16pm
Wondrful. Loved it!
Anthony Massingham commented on October 15, 2012 11:00pm
I love this, it's great.
Levvvel commented on October 20, 2012 11:38am
Amazing style and use of colors.
Freeminds commented on October 21, 2012 10:34am
thanks :>
DISILLUSIONED DESIGNS commented on October 25, 2012 1:35am
AMAZING DESIGN :) FEATURING ON MY BLOG http://disillusioneddesigns.wordpress...freeminds/
TyrannosaurusRy commented on October 30, 2012 4:05pm
Hell Yeah
Chris Mare commented on December 5, 2012 4:31pm
Ordiraptus commented on December 11, 2012 6:21am
So lovely!
Pigologist commented on January 18, 2013 2:41am
Amy Fan commented on February 2, 2013 5:47am
Great art!
Raissa Santos commented on February 14, 2013 6:07pm
This looks like a girl version of "Kiel" in RO, cute
Jetzain commented on February 22, 2013 10:10pm
Keith Noordzy commented on March 17, 2013 3:05pm
not usually a fan of anime and similar styles, but really like this. love how simple it is in parts, especially the face. reminds me of some of my older work, especially the lack of pupils. can't wait to see more.
Freeminds commented on March 18, 2013 12:08am
Thanks ^-^
Kristofferson Brice commented on May 8, 2013 12:48pm
Wow, awesome skills !
Sofia's Antics' commented on May 16, 2013 3:35pm
so cool!
PAPOI's special ITEMS commented on May 24, 2013 9:16am
your illustrations are great.
Omar Ramírez commented on May 28, 2013 7:23pm
This one's specially awesome. WOW!
Freeminds commented on May 29, 2013 12:08am
thanks ^^
Joseph Nathan commented on May 29, 2013 7:32pm
Do you have a website?
Freeminds commented on May 30, 2013 12:17am
I've posted some of the websites in "about" section
Kid Doom commented on May 31, 2013 6:57pm
Done well. Nice one.
margaw commented on July 19, 2013 7:37am
waouw this is awesome :D
Lautstarke commented on August 14, 2013 3:26pm
all your works are... the best. keep them coming. forever.
Freeminds commented on August 14, 2013 4:53pm
Thank you :>
Vannina commented on August 21, 2013 11:13am
Mikhovski commented on September 22, 2013 2:23pm
This is very good, i like all your works they are so easy to read and yet leave so much for the imagination!
Freeminds commented on September 22, 2013 2:28pm
Thanks! :>
karen owens commented on October 3, 2013 2:03pm
Kristijan D. commented on October 18, 2013 4:07am
Vitta commented on November 24, 2013 5:38am
Kiki Stardust (OLD) commented on December 19, 2013 8:55am
Really awesome!
Vito Giorgio commented on January 16, 2014 6:26am
cool, good, inspiring, flashy stuff here! while checking out your art, I need more Miyazaki NOW!
keep on doing the good stuff
Freeminds commented on January 16, 2014 6:56am
Thanks ;)
Darthdaloon commented on February 3, 2014 9:58am
Tyler Spangler commented on February 17, 2014 2:31am
Nice work!
Lemonysplit commented on February 25, 2014 10:43pm
This is really great! It's adorable in a unique way.
CbyDstudio commented on March 14, 2014 9:16am
genius shapes/ characters +
mangulica commented on May 3, 2014 6:37am
great artwork!
UNDEAD MISTER / MRCLV commented on August 4, 2014 4:24am
Really Awesome! / Love it!
Sapreem Design commented on August 8, 2014 12:11pm
sick! I love it :)
Tordis Kayma commented on August 10, 2014 11:06pm
Outstanding piece!
Freeminds commented on August 11, 2014 4:13am
Thanks! :)
Art by Mel commented on September 2, 2014 9:40am
this is awesome!
Tex Watt commented on September 14, 2014 5:22am
Great work!
Fabio Spagnoli commented on September 24, 2014 1:42am
Very cool!
cafelab commented on October 3, 2014 6:57am
Love it! :)
Almerious commented on October 27, 2014 12:28pm
Beautiful design!
Nikki Xiao commented on January 9, 2015 9:11pm
You make monsters look brilliantly cute!
Sparki Wolf commented on January 10, 2015 7:23am
amatvejuk commented on January 17, 2015 7:56pm
nice work
Puglie Pug commented on January 27, 2015 2:59pm
Super awesome art :D !
Piarei commented on February 10, 2015 5:44am
Freeminds commented on February 10, 2015 8:08am
Thanks :)
Louie commented on March 1, 2015 3:53am
Love this!
aPersonalidea commented on March 2, 2015 10:04am
Great design! I like the idea of it! Have a look of mine and see if you like it!
Thornyhold commented on March 5, 2015 7:48pm
This made me smile and say "Well done" out loud. Audrey
Polkip commented on March 8, 2015 5:24am
dark and lovely!
Hannything creative commented on March 24, 2015 4:19pm
love the idea behind and such a amazing execution!
Pepe Psyche commented on April 20, 2015 10:38pm
Wow ! J'adore !!!
My Brothers Are Wizards commented on May 6, 2015 2:01pm
best. piece. ever.
Alessandro Aru commented on June 7, 2015 4:09am
Really awesome design. promoted
fabiotir commented on June 13, 2015 1:22pm
n2n44 commented on June 16, 2015 8:39am
really neat :)
Playkill commented on August 12, 2015 8:34pm
Very cool. Dig the style
Anna Grunduls commented on September 4, 2015 10:17pm
nice! you're very talented :)
willingthe7 commented on September 5, 2015 3:33am
ivanfanning commented on October 23, 2015 11:47pm
The only way to describe all of your artwork is magical! So good...
Adoryanti commented on January 9, 2016 11:55am
cashmakesart commented on January 30, 2016 12:51pm
So surreal!
Malavida commented on May 24, 2016 12:57pm
Really nice design :)
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