What Lies Down Hidden Rain Drenched Paths Bath Mat

Bath Mat

What Lies Down Hidden Rain Drenched Paths

by Jeffrey J. Irwin

The perfect bath mats: fuzzy, foamy and finely enhanced with brilliant art. With a soft, quick-dry microfiber surface, memory foam cushion and skid-proof backing, our shower mats are a cut above your typical rug. Keep them clean with a gentle machine wash (no bleach!) and make sure to hang dry.


This is photo art from a photo that I took while someone else was driving and we were heading north toward Depot Bay from Newport along old Highway 101. Fog had been rolling in and it was raining and getting darker by the moment, The picture itself was almost black and white to begin with and I just made it so.

What I did was to take the original sizing parameters of the picture and hold true to the sizing while making the height match 6000. I copied the image and pasted it into a 6000x6000 square and then flattened it and content aware cut the blank right side away enough times and in enough different ways until I got my desired results from that.

I used the siren image for the t-shirt design.

Sexy, siren, haunted...

photography black-&-white digital-manipulation black-white
landscape scary photo-art highway
pretty black white silver
grey gray night jeffreyjirwin
forest rain water road