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Laptop Skins

pixel404 (pixel404)

White Trash

by Pixel404

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Skins are thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decals for customizing your laptop . Skins are made from a patented material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.


Closed and Open Origami. Tags: Crumpled Paper, Mistakes, Fail, Case...

MUSENYO commented on February 19, 2013 2:24am
very nice! :))
Rachel Bouch commented on February 19, 2013 11:37am
love this series!
Guillermo de Llera commented on February 20, 2013 12:56am
Cool piece :)
a.rose commented on February 20, 2013 9:56am
thank you- first laugh of the day!
Wagner Campelo commented on February 25, 2013 3:27pm
This looks cool on the products!
Steffi Louis commented on February 28, 2013 8:31am
Trey Crim commented on March 1, 2013 3:49am
I love how this piece works on the different products. The throw pillow is great!
Gréta Thórsdóttir commented on March 2, 2013 11:04am
Michael Hammond commented on March 11, 2013 7:56pm
Genius! :D
Ordiraptus commented on March 15, 2013 8:55am
Don't know why I haven't discovered this. Awesome!!
John Medbury (LAZY J Studios) commented on March 17, 2013 3:21am
Great idea!
pixel404 commented on March 17, 2013 5:08pm
THANKS SO VERY MUCH... to all of my artist supporters and customers!!!!! I truly appreciate the encouragement! ;-D
Mary Kilbreath commented on March 18, 2013 11:00am
justang8 commented on March 22, 2013 6:52am
ha ha! very creative!
Rainer Steinke commented on May 1, 2013 1:24am
Great work!
Garima Dhawan commented on May 25, 2013 4:49am
Nicolas Jolly commented on May 29, 2013 4:51am
Beautiful work!
k_c_s commented on June 3, 2013 4:57pm
Phil Perkins commented on June 23, 2013 1:50pm
Laertis Art commented on July 25, 2013 2:41pm
Lovely image concept design! ~ : )
LonestarDesigns2020 - Flags De… commented on August 5, 2013 5:43pm
Sharfi commented on September 4, 2013 1:10pm
Really love this design, can you please clarify what "Compatible with the Apple iPad Smart Cover" means?
Isabella Salamone commented on November 4, 2013 1:52pm
This is such a cool idea!
SensualPatterns commented on November 17, 2013 7:59am
Original! :)))
pixel404 commented on December 17, 2013 5:49pm
Thanks so much everybody, for all of your support, promotions and purchases… I truly appreciate it!
And, I really hope that all of my wonderful customers are happy with their prints and other products!
Paulo Picamilho commented on January 8, 2014 2:31am
great ideia :)
Okti commented on January 15, 2014 2:20am
hehe nice word play :)
artbylouis commented on February 6, 2014 11:14pm
one of the real great pieces!
Olga Zakharova commented on March 5, 2014 6:58pm
Wow, love the idea and how you brought it to reality!
hardkitty commented on March 12, 2014 4:50am
very simple but great!!!
YolandaMin commented on April 11, 2014 5:36am
I would consider buy some for my sofa, any discounts available???
Tânia commented on May 21, 2014 11:04am
love this so much!!
Ellen van Deelen commented on August 5, 2014 11:57am
Just beautiful!
Tex Watt commented on August 31, 2014 1:32am
josemanuelerre commented on September 11, 2014 6:10am
so beautiful
pixel404 commented on September 28, 2014 6:16pm
Thank you so very much, everybody, for your support!
Suzz in Colour commented on October 12, 2014 12:09am
Wonderful. It's nice to look at life from a different angle. I'm with you on the 'disposable' nature of everything these days
pixel404 commented on October 16, 2014 5:46am
Thanks so much, Suzz! ;-)
Jonas Ericson commented on October 18, 2014 9:18am
Haha :-)
z12345 commented on October 25, 2014 5:33am
Hi! There is a white line in the middle of the mug, can you fix it, please? or is it a website glitch?
Odil-V commented on October 26, 2014 4:45pm
I love this design as a rug. What a great idea! I bet if you put typewritten (or handwritten) sentences on it, as if it were a bad draft, a writer might find it pretty amusing. :D
stephasocks commented on October 27, 2014 4:49am
What an amusing idea! I love the irony that paper can be sharp enough to cut but it's printed on something as soft as a pillow :)
Diogo Trindade commented on November 21, 2014 4:29pm
Corbin Henry commented on December 3, 2014 3:39pm
This made me lol, so I had to pin it! Great work!
PhotoStories commented on December 16, 2014 7:22am
good idea!
digital2real commented on December 27, 2014 6:48pm
Promoted and followed with pleasure!
sladja commented on December 29, 2014 1:17am
Phillip Van commented on February 19, 2015 12:43pm
Such a great concept. Well executed.
aPersonalidea commented on March 2, 2015 2:06am
i also found a great message with a simple drawing is the best art ever! check out mine! see if we can sync!! http://society6.com/product/break-is-...rsonalidea
aPersonalidea commented on March 5, 2015 4:14am
This is fantastic! I Love the graphic! I am also interested in this kind of design! check mine out if you like it too!http://society6.com/product/pm-051-32...rsonalidea
Alessandro Aru commented on March 17, 2015 4:15pm
I like this very much! I will promote it.
RMK Photography commented on March 19, 2015 8:59pm
Cool idea.
pixel404 commented on April 13, 2015 10:37am
CharismArt commented on April 14, 2015 1:48pm
Gorgeous work!
Designed To Offend commented on April 22, 2015 5:50am
great piece
pixel404 commented on May 6, 2015 8:08am
Thank you, thank you, thank you, CharismArt and Designed To Offend for the nice comments!
Roxana Jordan R commented on May 24, 2015 11:34pm
pixel404 commented on May 29, 2015 1:01pm
Thanks so very much, Roxana! ;-)
Alan Hogan commented on June 6, 2015 6:52am
very cool!
pixel404 commented on June 11, 2015 11:27am
I really appreciate it, Alan... Thank You!
Abstract Designs commented on June 13, 2015 9:04pm
Please like and follow me too! http://society6.com/product/blue-tree-q0l_print I really like your art style!
pixel404 commented on June 18, 2015 9:40am
Thanks, Theresa!
ValoValo commented on July 23, 2015 8:25am
Nice work
Ant's art on Society6 commented on August 5, 2015 2:47am
Iskoskikh Sveta commented on August 5, 2015 2:48am
pixel404 commented on August 5, 2015 4:25pm
Thanks so very much, ValoValo, Ant, and Iskoskikh Sveta!
Anna Grunduls commented on August 24, 2015 5:41pm
great! promoted!
messy bed studio commented on September 1, 2015 6:36pm
Laura Nadeszhda commented on September 6, 2015 5:23pm
So cool!
Guillermo de Llera commented on September 7, 2015 7:17am
thinschi commented on October 12, 2015 2:48am
AmDuf commented on October 12, 2015 1:49pm
super cool! i have your pilllllow!!!
kealaphotography commented on October 12, 2015 1:58pm
This is awesome!
Peter Gross commented on October 13, 2015 11:09am
J.S. Scott commented on October 14, 2015 4:12pm
Such a stunning shot! Really love your work!
Would love for you to take a look at some of my work when you get the chance:
Goosi commented on October 16, 2015 1:11am
k_c_s commented on October 20, 2015 10:46am
Graphic Tabby commented on October 20, 2015 2:09pm
Super cool idea and very well executed!
YolandaMin commented on October 21, 2015 8:05am
I ordered 3 pillow covers and are wonderful and really cool!
CrismanArt commented on October 22, 2015 10:07am
Not surprised with all the promotions, Pixel! Congratulations to this unique idea and shot!!!
Nireth commented on October 23, 2015 8:51am
Cool work!
Mimi Rico commented on October 23, 2015 1:56pm
Amazing work!!!!
__Claudia__ commented on October 28, 2015 11:40am
polona hocevar skofic commented on October 29, 2015 1:35am
very cool!
AvHeertum commented on November 5, 2015 2:00am
Chris' Landscape Images & Desi… commented on November 6, 2015 5:40am
I have seen this on the front page at Society6 many times, it is an amazing piece Pixel :)
Neelie commented on November 7, 2015 5:06pm
Perfect on many levels!
Mariana Lisina commented on November 10, 2015 6:31am
Looks really cool :D
pixel404 commented on November 12, 2015 6:43am
THANK YOU for the good news and kind words... I appreciate your lovely comments, generous support and wonderful purchases so very much! I'm truly thrilled that you all enjoy this image as much as I did when I made it and still do now!
Schwebewesen • Romina Lutz commented on November 15, 2015 2:09pm
This is awesome!
MagentaRose (UK) commented on November 21, 2015 12:54pm
So cool!!
Lucyschmidtart commented on November 23, 2015 12:14am
OH this is pretty fun! like it a lot
RJ_Davis instagram.com/rowenad… commented on November 23, 2015 9:29am
Loving the simple patterns your getting from such ordinary objects. great great job!
raoul & simone commented on November 24, 2015 8:47am
so funny...
pixel404 commented on November 26, 2015 8:35am
Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your kindness, enthusiasm and support for the work... thank you!
pixel404 commented on November 30, 2015 6:59am
Thank you! I promise that everybody that has promoted and commented on my work will get lots of presents under their tree! :^)
Wendy Townrow commented on December 1, 2015 2:35am
Pamku Design commented on December 1, 2015 7:32am
Roland Zulehner commented on December 1, 2015 8:32am
i love this idea - great
Reem Alomari commented on December 1, 2015 9:56am
Hi, would you check out my page? :-)
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