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XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) by erictecce
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Framed Art Print
XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) by erictecce
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XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) Framed Art Print

XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) Framed Art Print
XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) Framed Art Print
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XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) Framed Art Print
XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) Framed Art Print
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Framed Art Print
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XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color) by

Add depth and texture to your Framed Art Print with a wood scoop frame. Our Framed Prints provide a contemporary aesthetic that looks awesome by itself or as part of a gallery wall. Available in six sizes, in white or black frame options.

  • Natural white, matte, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin-free archival paper
  • Solid wood frame dimensions: 1.06” (W) x 1.06” (Depth)
  • Gesso coating for rich color and smooth finish
  • Premium shatterproof acrylic cover
  • Acid-free dust cover on the back
  • Includes hanging hardware
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The Justice card falls to be the eleventh card of the Major Arcana. It's ruled by Libra , the sign of balance & polarity to Aries. As Aries deals with the self of being, Libra focuses on relationships with others. This card speaks of a fairness or balance within the universal play of events. This can connect to others around you, karmic cycles, or even events that deserve equality. The card is also relative to the Law, given her visual connection to the goddess Themis, aka Blind Justice.

The female figure depicted within Justice sits with a radiance of authority. This is enforced by the color red, relative to the physical realm of energies. As she sits within her four legged chair, she holds a double-edged sword in her right hand and scales in her left. The right hand is relative to the masculine logical mindset, with the sword's blade representing impartiality and it's direction pointing up meaning victory. The left hand is associated with intuition and feminine energy, which the scales are placed to highlight the necessity to balance logic with intuition. Her crown features a small square ruby representing well-ordered thoughts. This is also apparent in the clasp binding the cloak on her chest. The square is "the law protecting the circle and the eternal state of oneness within us all."

The environment behind her stands two tall columns that are keen to the number eleven and constraints to the earthly realm. The purple drapes hanging represent compassion, Around her are items that are relative to the sign of Libra, including that of the planet Venus & symbolism of it's elemental attribute of Air. The sun set;s behind her, opposite of The Emperor (Aries) rising sun. This also speaks of where Libra falls on the wheel of the year where Autumn season begins it's phase.

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XI. Justice Tarot Card Illustration (Color)
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