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Throw Pillow

Jazzberry Blue (jazzberryblue)


by Jazzberry Blue

Throw Pillow made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric, a stylish statement that will liven up any room. Individually cut and sewn by hand, each pillow features a double-sided print and is finished with a concealed zipper for ease of care. Sold with or without faux down pillow insert.

filiskun commented on July 31, 2012 1:39pm
Awesome! :'D
Tummeow commented on July 31, 2012 8:03pm
:: GaleStorm Artworks :: commented on August 8, 2012 4:21am
Love him
Jazzberry Blue commented on August 8, 2012 9:41am
Anna Deegan commented on August 15, 2012 12:06am
Love this :D
Clare Corfield Carr commented on August 22, 2012 10:55am
Victor Vercesi commented on August 24, 2012 10:56am
love this colorful zebra! great job
The Modern Era commented on August 24, 2012 11:38am
Nice idé
Rebecca Allen commented on August 30, 2012 9:12am
I love, love, love your work!
Jazzberry Blue commented on August 30, 2012 9:14am
thank thanks thanks
Andra Vlasceanu commented on September 12, 2012 5:19am
zebra with two legs.nice!:)
Pasadya commented on September 15, 2012 9:55am
Aww, I love this! Reminds me of this zebra gum I used to beg for when I was a kid. I'd get it every once in a while. :)
Crea Bisontine commented on September 23, 2012 3:00am
very nice
Nicole Mason-Rawle commented on September 27, 2012 7:16am
love this!
AA Morgenstern commented on October 5, 2012 3:15am
oh so cool!!!
Wayne Edson Bryan commented on October 7, 2012 1:51pm
良い ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 👍
Monika Strigel commented on October 8, 2012 7:32am
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !!!! This is toooooo beautiful!
Priyanka Nayar commented on October 11, 2012 2:30am
This one makes me so happy! Have I mentioned how much I love your work? :)
Jazzberry Blue commented on October 12, 2012 7:22pm
thanks soooo much everyone for your gracious support..!!! :-)
Nate Battles commented on October 18, 2012 7:52am
Very fun!
muffyart commented on October 22, 2012 5:47am
Beautiful zebra :D
B.D.Meredith commented on October 25, 2012 7:55pm
Excellent! Well done!
ADIDA FALLEN ANGEL commented on October 26, 2012 8:28am
littlestar cindy commented on November 11, 2012 6:24am
i love it :)))
hannes cmarits (hannes61) commented on November 26, 2012 6:37pm
Anne Staub commented on December 2, 2012 6:51am
EbiEmporium commented on December 2, 2012 6:54am
Awesome one, Jazzberry~
Gal Ashkenazi commented on December 9, 2012 2:54am
Excellent! i love it :)
MazOneTwoOne commented on December 9, 2012 10:46am
You have a really unique colour scheme for all your work. I'm envious. :)
GabrieleCigna commented on December 13, 2012 10:53am
very good!
Bree Madden commented on December 13, 2012 4:00pm
love this one!
Tillus commented on January 4, 2013 7:56am
Saw it and I remembered I had same idea... I can not not like it!
Tillus commented on January 4, 2013 8:01am
(I have to add... didn't want to say I was the first to have such idea... probably many others made the same, it is not as to find the π last digit. Just I didn't make anything with it and forgot it, so it was a big joy to see it in reality)
TOXIC RETRO commented on January 8, 2013 11:51am
Love it!!!
Nicola Ceccanti commented on January 28, 2013 12:58am
Nice style.
Lulla commented on January 29, 2013 7:20am
Ashley Williamson commented on February 13, 2013 9:36pm
When I was a little girl, my grandmother made me a little rainbow zebra to carry around. It was one of my favorite toys! Thank you for the reminder!
TheCore commented on March 5, 2013 11:39am
I live this!
Joe Tin Illustration commented on March 5, 2013 6:32pm
iszaa syyskuu commented on March 10, 2013 5:30am
love it, so colourful!
Baggieoldboy commented on March 10, 2013 1:34pm
This is well wonderfull Jazzberry
Nayoun Kim commented on March 25, 2013 10:18pm
Love it!!!
Brock Sanders commented on May 16, 2013 10:28pm
Love this!!!
LIL-LU commented on June 4, 2013 1:23am
why zebras dont looks like this one? That would be fun.
Graham commented on June 7, 2013 9:58pm
Very nice looking!
Peter Gross commented on June 17, 2013 4:48pm
Artwork by Paulette Sorhaindo commented on July 9, 2013 11:37pm
love it
lazy albino commented on September 22, 2013 3:28pm
love this!
Marianna Tankelevich commented on September 26, 2013 7:51pm
just wonderful!
CopuDesign commented on September 27, 2013 10:32pm
Lachyn commented on October 4, 2013 5:29am
sooo cool! check out my new cases!
Dimitris Evagelou commented on November 17, 2013 6:13am
I realy like your style
©2012 commented on December 6, 2013 11:11pm
Love your work - very creative!
Gabriel J Galvan commented on December 13, 2013 11:51am
It makes me think of fruit stripes gum LOL
takmaj commented on December 16, 2013 2:17am
awesome, you should check out the gate to the ZOO in Warsaw!!!! I think you would like it: http://images.wikia.com/warszawa/imag..._brama.jpg
Shakkedbaram commented on January 5, 2014 1:56am
Tyler Spangler commented on January 8, 2014 9:30pm
MAR AMADOR commented on January 24, 2014 4:30pm
amazing !!!
AhaC commented on January 24, 2014 9:51pm
Zebra rules! I love it :)
Shemaine commented on January 30, 2014 9:35pm
......Zeb tacular !!!!! Love it :)
simon oxley idokungfoo.com commented on February 14, 2014 2:34am
found out the other day that Zebra stripes are on their skin, not fluff - amazing
Pink Coffie commented on March 6, 2014 7:43pm
Really cool design & color combo! :) Xo
Carolyn Repka Creative Abstrac… commented on April 7, 2014 9:10am
Love it!
Cat Coquillette commented on April 17, 2014 7:42pm
This is so fun! Plus it makes me reminisce about zebra stripe gum.
Chris' Landscape Images & Desi… commented on June 1, 2014 12:22am
Love this!
Jacopo Rosati commented on August 16, 2014 3:25am
I love it!
Geoffrey Agrons commented on August 18, 2014 2:50pm
Fabulous, Jazz. A horse (OK, Zebra) of a different color.
Ana G commented on August 22, 2014 10:19am
So fun.
Love it.
MagentaRose (UK) commented on September 18, 2014 1:11am
Gorgeous work!
Manoou commented on November 22, 2014 1:52pm
I found this web site who sell your works, I see your name nowhere, this is not exactly the same colors but I show you https://www.etsy.com/listing/20286949...=related-2
Jazzberry Blue commented on November 24, 2014 3:51am
thanks Manoou, unfortunately there are lots of shops on Etsy shipping stolen images from China. whenever they get shut down they open with a different name so i dont even bother anymore.
Manoou commented on November 24, 2014 12:36pm
Yes I understand what you say, this is tiring to make attention of this, we going to have always this type of problem...Me too now I don't paid attention of this, it's so sad! It's the risk of our work :)
Lazy Bones Studios commented on January 2, 2015 11:02pm
Best Zebra ever!!!
Canson City commented on January 28, 2015 7:04pm
Amazing stuff! love the colors! following you, could you follow me back please?
i make colorful handmade collages!
AvHeertum commented on March 7, 2015 11:07am
Excellent work!
willingthe7 commented on September 5, 2015 3:44am
Sney1 commented on September 21, 2015 12:09am
KPBK commented on September 30, 2015 6:55am
Reminds me of fruit stripe gum, awesome!
Yazmin Basa commented on October 30, 2015 9:51am
Cool stuff!
Diana D'Achille commented on December 7, 2015 3:26pm
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