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Quotes on posters is a project by me, Leo Ehrlich, a designer and self-inquiry enthusiast born in Brazil and traveling the world.

The idea behind this project came when I was in Bali. I was searching for ways to do something more meaningful with my life, and I had the insight that wherever I saw the image of a motivational quote online, it was most of the time a generic design with mountains in the background, wrapped with some random typography. Not something that I would like to hang on my wall. So I thought... why not gather the best of human knowledge and make something unique, that stands out by its artistic value? After all, the great wisdom from mankind deserves a more interesting treatment.

That's how this project began.

The main goal of the project is to curate the best quotes in the world and design a poster a day bringing inspiration to as many people as possible through as many media and products available out there.

I found out that the best thing I could get in life is to do something that I love and inspires people. Well, I really love doing this, and I hope it inspires you.

I wish that in the long run, this project becomes an intersection between art, design and mainstream culture, enriching people's lives in all parts of the world. Who knows, maybe one day these posters will stand the test of time as the quotes did.

Please support the project by sharing it with your friends so you can help spread the value of human knowledge. And if you wish to discuss any collaborations, give any suggestions or want me to design you a poster, don't hesitate to contact me.

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