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Bad, bad Walker
Bad, bad Walker
An iconic four-legged Walker from an iconic franchise with an iconic bad behaviour: Toilet water drinking. Think twice before kissing your Walker.
eyejacker commented on December 14, 2010 5:07am
YAY!! I just bought one on Threadless!! :-)
If you have time and want to you could score my designs...
KEFLIONE commented on December 16, 2010 7:20am
Bojan Bundalo commented on December 16, 2010 11:25am
Great stuff! :)
Yiannis Roussakis commented on May 9, 2011 11:42am
:) nice!
Brandon Dover (Braniel) commented on September 21, 2011 7:45pm
Allison Reich commented on October 1, 2011 2:33pm
lol awesome!
Furious George commented on January 22, 2012 5:14pm!
Ramsay Lanier commented on February 24, 2012 2:09pm
Damn this is genius!
fluxy adam commented on July 11, 2014 2:49pm