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A very simple sketch begins the journey. I do not normally use any references while painting. It is only me, the canvas, the paint, the pen, the digital program..... and my desire and imagination that are used...and a few photos I have gathered through the many many years... Self taught, I began painting 26 years ago, as a hobby. I also sculpted heads of clay and made wire armature Santa Dolls. Most all of my early paintings (and dolls) are in the homes of family, friends and admirers in R.I. Since moving to Florida in 2004, I have been commissioned several times, 2008 Winner of the Ezekiel national graphic art competition. iphone art cases, etc...I have a personal collection of approximately 180, 16x20 oil on gallery wrapped canvas paintings, over 500 digital graphic art pieces. A diverse artist of many genres, a self taught and absorbed creative, I adore painting, yet if you look at my portfolio, the subject matter ranges from abstract, still lifes, scenes, macro butterfly, animals, birds, landscapes, cities, and contemporary digital drawings and fractals. 100% self taught and just scratching the surface of self promotion networking, I hope you will be immersed wit the crazy, vast genre and that I have captured your interest and you explore my world, my obsession, my dream...I hope to be enjoyed by others and for future generations. Oil Painting on stretched canvas is my genre of choice, yet digital graphic art is enjoyed and pursued as well. With a creative imagination, a diverse approach is taken with each piece. Abstract, impressionistic, still life, realism are some of my choices and the subjects as vastly different as a monarch butterfly to an abstract staircase toward the light. Custom iphone cases, prints, pillows and greeting cards are available here. I am an Artist, Painter of Oils, Creative, a natural born designer of my own ideas creating a diverse portfolio for all to journey....· February 27, 1991 to present
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