Rozenblyum Couture

T-shirt/framed prints segment of Rozenblyum Couture is what's featured on society6. The line mostly consists of matryoshka prints, they way you've never seen them. Hip, edgy and entertaining factor makes them stand out from the everyday garments. Rozenblyum Couture was established in 2005. Since then, the clothing line has developed into a vibrant company with a diversified experience and various lines of products. From jeans, shirts, and ties to hats, bags, jackets and accessories, Rozenblyum Couture has it all.

Over the years, Rozenblyum Couture has organized and participated in numerous fashion shows, showcasing pieces from latest collections. In 2009, Rozenblyum Couture had an invIGORating expansion of the women's line.

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Matryoshka Hearts_Print Mugs by Rozenblyum Couture

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X Matryoshka Line Up Coffee Mug
by Rozenblyum Couture
Mr. Dandy - English Bulldog Coffee Mug
by Rozenblyum Couture