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About Ruth Fitta Schulz

Ruth Fitta-Schulz born Veracruz Mexico, lives in Germany with her amazing husband Jan. She loves to work with paper colors and pencil and she almost always work digitally as she did many years in Spain using her top 10 draw secrets. she could tell you step by step how she made every pixel in her work,but then maybe she´d have to kill you. she loves to observe things around her, lately she is discovering new nature textures in her digital microscope. Her words: I felt in love with digital art, it is a cool way to express everything,feelings,passion for colors, or it is just a fun way to create things, to make possible the impossible. I experiment a lot with my 3 favorite words light, transparency and texture, and the inspiration is everywhere, in my innerworld,comes from music, sometimes inspiration comes from a kiss, from a delicious icecream, from a misterious smile, the weather...most of the time comes from everything that move my emotions

When I’m writing up feedback I always have to step back and think that someone, somewhere in the planet is REALLY going to wear this. This illustration that I made. With my mexican hands. In my wood chair. In my mini studio. Something about sending them off always seems unbelievable to me. I love creating something new every day.

Ruth Fitta Schulz joined Society6 on September 8, 2010. Verified on September 8, 2010.