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About Ryan Anderson

I live in Houston, Texas and have been drawing since I saw the first Batman movie in 1989! When I got home after the movie, I started drawing Batman any time I had paper and a pencil in my hand. My love for drawing grew everyday and is still just as strong today as it was then. Art class in school was always my favorite subject and I went to the Art Institute of Houston and got my associates degree in Computer Animation. Though I went to art school to learn computer animation, my favorite classes were all those that included drawing. After graduation I started illustrating people that I liked or who inspired me and my collection began to grow. With me being a HUGE sports, music and movie fan, I tend to draw people in those fields. Society 6 is a great forum for artists to share their artwork with the world and I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful site!
Ryan Anderson joined Society6 on January 11, 2012. Verified on January 14, 2012.