About ScientisTechni

Christian Glen Rodriguez, also known as ScientisTechni or Techni for short. The Art all started back in his hometown of Brooklyn NY, as a little six years old kid drawing stick figures. Growing up in two different cultures such as New York and Lawrence, MA built the foundation behind the gritty freestyle technique he slowly grew to own. I never realized from a very young age of six till I was eighteen how much Art was really part of who I am. It was just this thing I played around with basically my entire life, drawing for the hell of it like a hobbie or when I was bored. It sparked the attention of my younger cousins Marcus and Sean curious on how to improve their skills watching every move I made asking me how do I draw better? The good old days when life was simple. Truth is Christian had no clue his whole entire life being lost, he is a starving artist. A kid that was almost talked into being a cop turns out to be a street artist huh funny story right? Finally falls into an art class where his art teacher tells him that he has a beautiful gift that spark of the match set the course of the Bandit..

Welcome to the journey… Life in Technicolor.

A special message to my life partner Sarah Toribio, with me through the good times and bad times with my art ventures. She also took this picture with her mad skills, You are the best honey, I love you.
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