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i’m not really a professional photographer but more of a painter and illustrator…this is purely for fun. i don’t really care if the photos are perfect or completely in focus because sometimes the beauty is in the flaws. most of these are taken while i’m out walking around aimlessly or riding bike…yeah i know way to be safe.

i do… have pac-man fever, scribble scrabble a lot, skip every other step when going up/down stairs, have a vegetable garden, take bubble baths now and then, say fuck a lot, sleep with a blanket over my head in a kinda down comforter cocoon, like to be cold (i grew up in miami, fl…80 degrees and humid ALWAYS so yes i enjoy me some cold), try and be a vegan/ vegetarian but i ate a huge steak last month, giggle like a school girl when i hear the word “cornhole”, paint with my thumbs occasionally, stare at icosahedra and nested solids, was a metalhead in high-school, had braces and still have crooked teeth (but good oral hygiene, i swear), dry skin, eat a lot of burritos, am not materialistic, am socially awkward, have pink grocery shopping bags, run on a treadmill, one of those guys that had a crush on nellie olsen from little house on the prairie, own a denim button up shirt, pop wheelie’s on my bike, like old things and styles from the 1940′-50′s, believe animals can read our minds, miss the ocean, been thinking about installing a hammock indoors, huff and puff when i’m grouchy (ask my sister she’ll tell ya) like to cook (especially curries), wear the same camouflage pants around the house for days on end, get lost in patterns, still drop it like it’s hot, keep it simple, believe less is more, want to meet little richard, love surprises and giving them, want to live in the woods off a dirt road, like rainy days, and finally sometimes i laugh like vincent price at the end of michael jackson’s thriller while driving

i don’t… tweet nor do i facebook. yes really… no,no,no… yes i understand and have heard all the arguments a thousand times, also been called crazy i just feel its a waste of time…. i’d just rather be doing something else productive..(like my blog) i keep in touch with my friends and family the old fashioned way…. i just shook with goosebumps… i don’t walk into a movie late (actually i can’t remember the last time i went to a movie…oh yes it was moonrise kingdom in detroit…i wasn’t late), baby talk to babies, pop my colla’, use condiments… i’m very plain jane, watch tv 24-7 ( i’d rather read, draw or stare into space but when i do it’s usually TCM i love old B&W films), engage in harry potter madness and or dressing up as such ( well ok maybe once a week i wear a cape and speak with a fake british accent), wear white socks (i rock argyles), eat brussel sprouts..sorry i loath them and their farty smell, have good grammar or spelling, dance very well at all, take little dogs with me shopping in dog purses, wear pleated khakis, mind getting dirty, say “it’s impossible”, any kardashian, use a coffee machine… i go french press, have waiters at restaurants sing happy birthday to me, use a microwave, buy shorts…i make them out of old camo pants (see above “i do’s) from the army navy store, new jersey, eat many sweets, watch sports, take myself too seriously

i appreciate any comments or feedback. thanks for stopping by.

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Shower Curtains by michael lindabury

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dreamy breeze Shower Curtain
by michael lindabury