Afternoon Tea With The Spider Princess
Afternoon Tea With The Spider Princess
Her curse seems to be taking its toll of late. She appears to be more spider each time we meet. Still I am glad to see she still enjoys a good cup of tea.

We had much to discuss today. She assured me that her network was working hard to retrieve all of the information I so desperately require. It is truly astonishing just how far her spiders travel, and the trickery over which they triumph, out of kindness and belief for The Cause. Regrettably its seems our problems are greater than we originally thought. Cayos has already burst forth in the swamp lands of Cimmerian.

I long for the days when we would meet simply to exchange dress patterns for the forthcoming Consualia ball...

Still despite the seriousness of the situation in which we met today, I always enjoy afternoon tea with the Spider Princess.