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When I arrived the party was in full swing. I decided it best to make a start on my world renowned frolic tonic. Mid-mix Arthur demanded martinis all round. Luckily I was adorned with the necessary apparatus for the situation in hand, I too declared ‘martinis all round’.

The martinis were a great success and for many attending the annual scrapbook soiree the concoction proved to be a new found culinary delight.

I knew the martini to be an old favorite of Arthur’s. However, he started to look some what distressed. Within moments distress turned to tantrum which escalated into rage. Arthur unleashed a depthly sound that shuck the earth and thickened the air.

I realised what had to be done...

The Zoetics got straight to work collecting bamboo and binding it together to create Arthur a telescopic straw. Arthur took a lengthy sip from his glass, releasing a sigh of relief, ‘arghhh...’ martini laced drool oozed from his mouth onto the ground below.

The Zoetics snubbed out some of the stars to create a more subtle light. We made a toast to mother nature and partied from dusk untill dawn.