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Xolotl's Deed
Xolotl's Deed
Part 3 of 'A Spring Time Ritual'
Water Colour, pencil crayon and ink

As I approached the Forgotten Woods I could see the smoke pirouetting from the camp fire in the distance. I licked my finger and held it up to the air... without doubt this was a good night for a spring time ritual. I gathered my belongings and started my journey into an eternal green.

The residents of Shades Valley had ventured into the heart of the forest to perform the annual Springtime Dance. Vernus, equipped with his panpipe and carrots, danced the Green Corn Dance. This was to tempt the sleeping flowers to sprout from their husks, and make their quest through the earth, into daylight. The wings of large birds evolved into bellows, fueling the camp fire, inviting each single flame to join in the dance.

Meanwhile, rabbits and hares gathered around fallen birds and decaying rodents with numerous instruments, and played their spirits into the afterlife. These songs also penetrated the wombs of mammals and the albumen of unhatched eggs to give the unborn a soundtrack into the living.