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Adam Proust is a Vancouver artist who specializes in surreal art and design. He has spent many years drawing as a hobby, although only recently has decided to pursue it as a career. Surreal Shapism, his iconic style, is highly recognizable and has generated great interest locally and beyond. Adam is currently being featured in the Italian/English magazine, Fluster, and has also exhibited at the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. His artistic philosophy is to embrace creativity, and spontaneously create works without any previous conceptual ideas or plans. Rather, it is most enjoyable is to let the piece create itself, and to see it evolve throughout the entire process. Therefore his works take on an organic feel, and no two are ever similar. Through his art, Adam hopes to encourage people to explore their own spontaneous creativity, in whatever medium they choose – and to realize how rewarding it can be to work without any limits. Space Kitten Design Company was created by Adam to help him push his works into unique and exciting mediums, such as T-shirts and other functional art pieces. The idea behind Space Kitten is to push the boundaries of conventional medium, and to offer high quality, unique artwork in a variety of forms - to venture beyond just a frame on a wall.

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Mugs by Space Kitten Design

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Superfast Jellyfish Coffee Mug
by Space Kitten Design