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About Spirit Pervades Matter: Amanda Vela Art

Amanda's focus is creating art that represents the unconscious, the elements of reality that lie below the surface, a dimension beyond the appearance of things, a transcendental reality, the essence of the universe, the energy in all nature, or the spirit that pervades matter.
However, Spirit Pervades Matter, Un-Limited is about more than art, more than aestheticism, more than material, it is about awareness, opening one's mind to a hidden world beyond the surface of all things that connects us all-everything and everyone- imagination, energy, life and ethereal existence.
Spirit Pervades Matter represents Amanda's philosophies of true nature being endless possibilities, true existence being deeper than the self, true reality being an energy that binds everything, one's true self being a collective unconscious, true goodness being the heart-the essence of everything and true living being connecting with a higher power.
Spirit Pervades Matter is about connecting with our true nature that is beauty, goodness, and abundance; it is about connecting with the earth, with the universe, with ourselves, our higher power, and each other; it is about community, life, love, peace, joy, gratitude, well-being, unity, and enlightenment. It is about appreciation for nature, the present moment, and one another; it is about helping others and supporting each other. It is this philosophy of interconnectedness that inspires Amanda, and drives Spirit Pervades Matter, Un-Limited to donate a portion of its profits to charity.
Spirit Pervades Matter: Amanda Vela Art joined Society6 on September 10, 2014. Verified on September 18, 2014.