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Printmaking is a process of exploration and revelation from my innermost being. Within this process, I am allowed to explore the true essence of my self. A print provides the opportunity for a more pure and accurate representation than I can capture by other means. It is The ongoing interaction of artist, characters, and medium coupled with a forward motion and interpretation across the time. The dimensions exposed by time are quite difficult to capture in a single image. Printmaking certainly has more potential for communication created by the inherent physicality of process. I am sorting and digesting the world around me creating to see what i feel. Though difficult to explain, it is a dance of discovery intertwining what lies beneath the surface of materials and beneath my own apparent surface. The very essence of art is exposing aspects of one's soul, untainted by social convention or expectation, for all to experience and judge. The vulnerability can be overwhelming as not all aspects of the self are flattering, but without that risk it is questionable whether it is truly art.

STEPHANIE SWAIM joined Society6 on September 23, 2012. Verified on September 23, 2012.