Blik Custom: Here Come the Magnets!

Can’t get enough of the City of Angels? We can’t, and neither can Georgia and Breck, the patrons of our recent Blik custom project. They approached Blik to help them bring Los Angeles to life on the walls of their home. With their inspired idea, Blik is breaking new ground. We created an entire cityscape of die cut Blik’d magnets!
The graphic magnets were specifically designed so that little fingers (Breck and Georgia’s cute kids) could easily lift the shapes off the wall without any trouble. The 150-piece set includes the iconic Hollywood sign, the futuristic Encounter restaurant at LAX, plus as many planes, helicopters and cars as the real La-La Land.
Blik Custom: Here Come the Magnets! by BLIK Surface Graphics


magnet4 by BLIK Surface Graphics