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New Graphics for Fall: Threadless x Blik

Thanks to your votes, the next 3 Threadless graphics have been chosen and are here at Blik to kick off the Fall season.

Now that summer is over, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! The weather may be getting colder but bubble blowing is a year round activity with “Blowfish,” by Andy Gonsalves. Grab a pen and paper and get creative with “Inkspired” by Seth Beukes. If these ideas are too active for you, then watch the leaves change color while eating as many cookies as you can with “Cookies,” by Tang Yongfa.

Voting Booth: Every six weeks, the Blik team selects and posts some of our favorite Threadless original tee shirt designs, and in the spirit of Threadless we’re asking you to tell us which designs should be the inspiration for a new set of wall graphics. Select “Blik It” if you like it, or “Nix It” if you think it just wouldn’t work. Then click the vote button to send us your choice and see how everyone else is voting on that design. Check out the Voting Booth now to start voting!




Voting Booth


RokinRonda commented on Friday, September 24, 2010 6:47pm
Will you consider my print here of my original oil painting. Palms in a Garden?? TYVM! I emailed, rec'd reply, replied, but haven't heard yet.