March 9
Blik Custom: Here Come the Magnets!
Can’t get enough of the City of Angels? We can’t, and neither can Georgia and Breck, the patrons of our recent Blik custom project. They approached Blik to help them bring Los Angeles to life on the walls of their home. With their inspired idea, Blik is breaking new ground. We created an entire cityscape of die cut Blik’d magnets!
The graphic magnets were specifically designed so that little fingers (Breck and Georgia’s cute kids) could easily lift the shapes off the wall without any trouble. The 150-piece set includes the iconic Hollywood sign, the futuristic Encounter restaurant at LAX, plus as many planes, helicopters and cars as the real La-La Land.
February 23
Street Artist Moves Indoos: Blik Welcomes San
Put out the welcome mat, the renowned Spanish street artist SAN is tangled up with Blik. SAN has taken his work indoors and designed a piece specifically for Blik — with your walls in mind. He makes light of the fact that the graphic is self-adhesive by adding nails and string to “attach” the design to the wall.

Titled “ A Host of Fetishes” the decal is a jumbled and chaotic collection of various objects from a compass, bird skull, broken clock, spindle wheel to dice and plenty of nails to go with it.

To see SAN’s past work, including amazing street art installations, visit
A New Look for Blik
Living in LA, it’s hard not to give into the temptation to get an upgrade. It seems like everyone’s getting work done these days. Well, we couldn’t resist and aren’t ashamed to admit we’ve had a facelift! After all we are 9 this year and want to make sure we keep looking good.
To celebrate turning 9, we upgraded our site with a sleek new design, easier navigation, a Quik Blik, faster infinite scrolling ability and “Like” buttons that let you share your favorite Blik products with your friends on Facebook. Don’t worry, we’re the same old Blik, just G’d up.
February 16
The wait is over! Disney TRON wall graphics are now available for order at Blik. Whether you’re a fan of the original Disney classic movie TRON or the new TRON: Legacy is more your style, we’ve got four graphics that represent iconic scenes - two from each movie.

TRON: The Grid: captures the defining TRON lightcyle scene when Flynn races against a program on the game grid as the Recognizers hover above. The graphic package also includes the evil Master Control Program (MCP) and a Tank.

TRON: Master Control Program: is the pixelated face of the powerful Master Control Program (MCP), the main villain in the films.

TRON: Legacy ~ Lightcyles: creates a visual narrative depicting the new lightcycles of TRON: Legacy as Sam Flynn races against a program.

TRON: Legacy ~ Battle: shows one of the film’s pivotal fight scenes as Sam Flynn battles a program in search of his father.

Once you get your graphic, we want to see how you’ve transformed your pad into a TRON universe. Make sure to send us photos to photos (at) whatisblik (dot) com.
February 9
A New Way to ABC: A Modern Eden x Blik
We’re roaring about our newest animal graphics from A Modern Eden.

You may have heard of A Modern Eden’s popular iPhone application,”Speak, Piggy!” which teaches young learners the names and sounds of different animals. Well, those adorable animals couldn’t stay put and roamed off the digital screen and onto walls.

THREE NEW GRAPHICS: Meet the crew and learn the alphabet in style with “Animals Alphabetized.” If cold-weather animals are more your thing, then “Polar Composition” has just what you want with penguins, seals, a walrus and a polar bear in their winter wonderland. Or beat the cold and enter the jungle with, “King of the Jungle” where you can meet Edgar the Elephant, Presley the Peacock, Henry the Lion and Chaz the Chimp. So clear some space (and maybe lay down some newspaper) because these animals need a home!
February 2
As Seen In: Facebook's Headquarters
On Monday, published an article on Facebook’s security team. We’re sure the article was interesting and all, but we couldn’t get past the image of the security team sitting in their conference room. Whose got the backs of the Facebook security team, keeping them safe from dark forces? None other than Super Mario Bros by Blik. Who else?!
January 26
Animal Friendlies by Hybrid-Design Now at Blik
We at Blik are filled with excitement to add “Animal Friendlies” to Hybrid-Design’s already successful line at Blik. This charming graphic package consists of 34 cute little buggers that can be combined to create mini storytelling vignettes. “Animal Friendlies” is a “best-of” Dora Drimalas’ iconic characters including Oma and Olaf the Owl, Peter Pachyderm, Kitty Kaleidoscope, Ladies Day Out, Super Terrific Bat Cave and Love is in the Air.

With Animal Friendlies, you have one sheet of 34 small graphics, but a number of different options to create tiny scenes, be it high on a wall or low on the ground, throughout your house or office. We love the versatility of it.

What are you waiting for? Get a pack of these quirky little creatures and add some playfulness to your place today!
January 19
Have You Heard? KCRW X Blik
For fans of KCRW, you may have heard our Blik ad in rotation lately while listening to your favorite music program. We are big fans and supporters of KCRW (a Los Angeles-based but global internet public radio station for anyone unfamiliar with it), so when they approached Blik to help them freshen up their “basement” offices at Santa Monica College, we jumped at the opportunity. Stay tuned for more info about this fun custom project but for now, here’s a sneak peek.
December 14
Craww Gets Stripped
Blik artist Craww, who just debuted three new graphics at Blik (Fox, Bear & Deer), is having his first U.S. exhibition at our neighbor, the C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice. The show, “Crooked Comfort” opened on December 10 and runs through January 7.

The series of new works featured in “Crooked Comfort” is a story without an end - a stream of consciousness ramble through the woods, populated with skulls, crows and pensive girls with conspicuous hands, individually emanating a melancholy force of beauty.
November 30
Blik Custom: DTS
How do you make digital entertainment exciting and visually stunning? We asked ourselves that same question when international architecture firm, Aedas, asked us to collaborate with them on the design, manufacture and installation of graphics for their client, digital surround sound giant, DTS.

Don’t know DTS? Just look at that smart phone you’re holding. DTS state-of-the-art audio technology is in home theaters, car audio systems, PCs, game consoles, DVD players, televisions, digital media players, set-top boxes, smart phones, surround music software and every device capable of playing Blu-ray discs.

The goal of the custom graphics was to convey the interconnectivity of DTS’ core business throughout their new 85,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Calabasas, CA. Our designers suggested the concept of abstract interpretations of sound waves to tell the visual story of the DTS mission. The smooth, repetitive motion is carried over three floors with 2,000 square feet of graphics (1,000 sf of glass graphics and 1,000 sf of wall graphics). Based on the sheer size, the installation process was quite an undertaking, but the final product speaks for itself. Take a look below.

We are also happy to report that the feedback from DTS employees has been very enthusiastic. DTS, if you need another corporate headquarters makeover, we are up for the challenge.

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