6 Digital Life Hacks To Get You In The Zone This September

Hi my name is Stephanie and I'm addicted to any screen that's in front of me. The internet-rabbit-hole is very real and very deep and probably leads to China. However, it's easy to forget that the most distracting thing in our lives is often the most helpful tool for productivity. Once you learn how to harness the power of technology for good, you'll feel like a will-power superhero. Writer and student Angella D'Avignon lets us in on her favorite websites and apps that are guaranteed to help you get focused this fall.

Ah Summer. We love you and it's been fun, but now it's time to go back to reality. Between the holidays and back to school vibes, the Fall season is an incredibly busy time of year and it's gonna take more than Labor Day to shake off that summer-brain and get down to business. Here are a few apps that will keep you on track and help put you on top of your game.

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1. Keep track of your ideas: 

As a writer, I am a huge fan of Evernote and I've been using it for about eight years. This notekeeping app allows you to make text notes on your phone, captures images, audio, and pdfs in addition to letting you sync with other users if you're working together. You can organize your notes by "Notebooks" and hashtags making it easy to find that brilliant idea you had at lunch or that cocktail recipe (for the weekend, right?). The best part of Evernote is that whatever you enter in, whether it's on your work computer, your laptop, tablet, or phone, it syncs with every device so when you log in, it's all right there. Genius!

6 Digital Life Hacks To Get You In The Zone This September


2. Stay on top of your email situation:

I don't know about you, but I conduct the majority of my business from my email inbox. Sortd is an app that organizes your emails by a user-designated grouping system. Separate work emails from personal emails with an easy to use, expandable list that you drag and drop. The last thing you want is to miss an important email by losing it in a long pile of gmail clutter.  

3. Consolidate your data

A sweet angel of a friend sent me this hot tip when I lamented the hours I've lost off my life trying to remember or reset one of my thousands of passwords. 1Password stores and codes all your passwords so that you don't have to remember any of them or reset your keychains. The Teams and Families features allows a group to manage all their passwords under one intuitive umbrella.

Shoeboxed is an app for the busy freelancer or creative personality who cannot for the life of them keep track of receipts or manage to file paper documents in a proper bin. Shoeboxed uses a screen capture feature to scan your documents and turn them into data. Even cooler are the prepaid Magic Envelopes which you, the user, can send off filled with your paper clutter to be scanned, organized and returned as ~pure data~.

6 Digital Life Hacks To Get You In The Zone This September

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5. Diminish Distraction

Getting sucked into a technology black hole is as simple as tapping open your phone. When you need to focus, and I mean really focus, it's all but impossible to pull yourself away from the distraction that is social media. Enter Noisli and Cold Turkey, two apps designed to help you get on your grind.

Noisli is an app that operates like a noise box that improves your ability to work. Choose audio from rushing water, trees rustling, or a running fan to create that atmosphere of stress-free productivity.

Cold Turkey helps you set a timer to block your ability to use certain distracting websites, like Facebook or Twitter for example. Once you set up a block it's pretty much foolproof, it even lets you lock yourself out of your computer so you can go to bed on time.

6 Digital Life Hacks To Get You In The Zone This September

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6. Knock items off your task list

Did you know your brain floods with endorphins when you cross an item off your to-do list? Clear and Doo are two apps that will not only help you make your to-do list but help you keep it organized and keep you productive.

Clear (for ios) is a color coded system that syncs with your notification center so when you open your phone, all your task items are in one place. Once you complete the job, simply swipe it off the screen. Clear lets you make multiple lists and syncs with all your devices making it easy to stay on top of your short and long term goals.

Another taskmaster, Doo (ios) creates a series of colorful cards per task, making your boring to-do list more colorful and less menial. Doo's graphics are more like flashcards than a list which may suit more visually oriented folks.

Or if you're just too slammed, check out Magic, a text-based concierge service that handles tasks like a personal assistant. Need to book a flight? Simply send a text and a highly trained assistant called a Magician (get it?) will nail down the logistics and find the best vendor and service to get the job done. Et voila!

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