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A few more enhancements; Upcoming, New, Comments, and Promote from your Society

Last week we made some solid improvements to S6, which we encourage all members to read about here

Based on everyone's feedback (special thanks to Isaac Bidwell for jumping on the phone with me), we've got a few more for you today...

As you know, all of the Posts on the homepage (whether associated with a Product for sale, or not) were posted within the last 24 hours, and garnered the most promotions from the community - the Popular posts.

We've created the concept of UPCOMING UPCOMING is directly accessible from the VIEW RECENT POSTS link on the homepage, and is the forerunner of Popular Posts - the Posts made within the last 24 hours (whether product or not) that are on the rise, and only a few promotions shy of making it to the homepage. You will also notice that since these posts are primarily intended for us members, they will take you directly to the respective artist's Studio.

We've also brought back NEW (also accessible from the VIEW RECENT POSTS link on the homepage) to help give even greater exposure to new artists and artwork.

Members who are logged-in will notice that we've added Comments to every product page within the Shop, which is also another direct link into that fellow member's Studio.

And lastly, we've added Promote buttons to each post within your Society, so that you can more easily promote the work of members that you follow.

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