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I wanted to say a few things about the Studio feature of Society6. First off let me say that we are really excited about all the great posts and Studios being created on Society6. It's a powerful feeling to see how people use the tools you create and how all the different uses evolve over time.

When we designed Society6 we wanted to create a system that was fitting for artists and creative people in the arts. One of the best things about creative people is just that, their creative. So when it came to make a space for showcasing their work, passions and projects we labored over how to do this in a way that would give flexibility and powerful features. In the end we settled on a more open format and called them Studios, with the idea that creative people would use them in a variety of different ways. We know alot of creative people and one thing they have in common is that they have alot going on - whether these are projects, collaborations, types of work, ventures, galleries or whatever. The Studios let you create places to post about all the things you're doing and manage them all from one place. As a society6 member you can have, or be a Member of many Studios, I have 11 Studios right now. At the same time it's important not to have more than you need as this can get hard to manage.

We've seen some great uses of Studios so far and we hope to see many more. One of the things to point out is that Studios can have multiple Members, these are people who can post to the Studio, change the header and do all these types of things.

There are other great ways that Studios can be used;
-Collaborative projects
-Virtual Galleries
-To present the work of your collective, band or group
-As a place to show your work in process
-Different Studios for your different types of work
-A blog for your venue, gallery or self
-A place to share reference

So again we welcome all creative uses of the Studios and encourage everyone to use them in new an inventive ways. We used this platform for many months and used the system itself to collaborate about how we wanted it to work. At one point it worked better for us than email. Enjoy the system and feel free to use it for your collaborations, groups, ventures and all the great ways you are using it today.

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Ken Nishimoto commented on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 11:35am
How do I create a new studio?
chanel16 commented on Thursday, May 26, 2016 3:30pm

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