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Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home [Video]

Society6 editor Stephanie Meliotes is a woman of many talents. When she's not writing about art, design & home decor, she's living and breathing it as an Airbnb Superhost. She, along with her fiancee Dan and their dog Lou live in plant-filled dream house tucked in the hills of Mount Washington in Los Angeles, and rent out their lower unit on Airbnb. They approached designing their guest space with a shared design sensibility: keep it simple, bright and modern with little touches that really make it feel like home. They used Society6 home decor products to keep costs low and without compromising on their design aesthetic. Below, Stephanie gives us her top tips for how to be create a Superhost-worthy space.

1. Choose Neutral Tones

In our "real" life, we love to decorate with bold colors. But, when you're attempting to create a calm, soothing environment for others, it's better to use muted tones. White always looks great, but don't forget how easily it stains! You may never spill a drop of your nightly merlot, you can't guarantee your guests will be quite as poised. We kept our walls white, but chose gray for furniture you sit (and spill!) on the most.

Tip: Don't let your space look like a bowl of oatmeal; add pops of color with pillows, plants or prints to engage the aesthetic eye.

2. Plants!

Plants are having a moment right now, and rightly so. Nothing brings energy and literal life to a room quite like a variety of vegetation. You know that awkward corner where nothing seems to fit? Stick a plant there and see if it doesn't change into your favorite spot in the house.

Tip: We always make sure our pots have character. Terra cotta is a great go-to, but it can look really clinical unless it's a bit mussed up. Try to find some at thrift stores or search Craigslist for free ones in your area!

Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home

Navy Floral Throw Pillow

Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home

Potted 1 Flowers Framed Print

3. Quality Matters

When you're decorating for a space that you won't be living in you might be tempted to buy the cheapest things possible, but quality does matter. We try to find a balance and furnish our space with the highest quality items at reasonable prices. We look for things guests will really connect with and admire, but won't leave us crying if they accidentally break.

Tip: S6 is perfect for this. The prices are more than fair, the quality is impressive, and I love knowing that people are engaging with pieces of truly unique artwork.

4. Use Touches of Your Personality

So much of decorating for a guest house is making the area welcoming for all different types of people. However, just because you're trying to appeal to a mass audience doesn't mean you shouldn't give your guests hints of your personality. We included art prints that we would love in our own space, a handmade bell, tiny wooden birds, and a full bookshelf of some of our favorite reads!

Tip: People use Airbnb because they want to experience life through someone else's eyes. Don't get so caught up in trying to make a hotel atmosphere that you forget that people will be choosing your space because it reflects you!

5. Create A Home Away From Home

At the end of a long day traveling, exploring, or eating way too much, comfort makes a huge difference. Adding soft, cozy elements like extra pillows, towels, and blankets encourages guests to relax in your space. We also always include fresh coffee and a list of our favorite neighborhood spots so they can embrace LA like a local.

Tip: Think about what you would want, and replicate it! I love to snuggle up on the couch to a good book or magazine, so I included extra throw pillows in the living room and a basket full of vintage National Geographics for guests to get lost in.

Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home

Moroccan Ivory Rug, Navy Floral Stationary Card

Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home

Grandma's House Framed PrintDepresion Tropical Framed Print

Airbnb Superhosts On The 5 Decorating Tricks That Make Guests Feel At Home

Photos and video by Ben Renschen.

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Jennifer Doolan commented on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 12:09pm
Some fantastic tips , beautiful apartment :)
anipani commented on Saturday, October 22, 2016 8:56am
I would love to spend time in that space!!
Audrey Henry commented on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 10:30am
Where did you get that lovely coffee table?

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