#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

LordofMasks - Seek

Now that 2017 is in full swing, many artists are thinking about what they want to achieve with their creative businesses in the new year. To give you some inspiration, writer Angella D'Avignon asked a handful of artists how they approach setting their own resolutions and what they hope to achieve. What are your new year's goals? Share 'em in the comments below! 

Making and keeping a resolution is no small feat. Sometimes it's just the act of setting a goal that helps you visualize what you want and what it would take to meet it. We asked a handful of rad illustrators about their goals for the new year and we hope it inspires you as you're making yours. New year, new you, right?

Leah Goren, illustrator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Leah Goren - Underwear Dancing 

In 2017 I want to feel newly excited about art and design. It's easy for me to forget there's a big world out there I'm a part of I spend most of my time working alone at home. Illustration is a huge part of my identity and I want to reconnect with that! I'm hoping to spend more time in museums and galleries, collaborating with friends, and pushing my personal work further.  

Sandra Javera, illustrator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Sanda Javera - holiday card

For 2017 I want to learn more about animation. I want to be able to animate my drawings and understand the potentials of each animation program and which is the more appropriate for my work. I have been working with ceramics for the past 3 years, making cups, small dishes, spoons, hanging vases, etc. During these years I was able to experiment different hand-building techniques, shapes and ways of coloring, both with underglazes and glazes. In 2017 I want to focus on the coloring process and create large painted tiles. I want to make a children's book. I have experience illustrating other people's stories but in 2017 I want to create my own story and illustrate it! I want to create textile designs and illustrations for home goods, such as pillows, bedding, etc.

Robin Eisenberg, artist, illustrator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Robin Eisenberg - Dreamer

I'm so happy to say I hit (almost!) all of my 2016 goals, and for 2017 I want to keep the momentum going. I want to create art that surprises me and makes me feel excited, and I want to work on bigger and more interesting projects that I'm proud of. On a more specific note, there are career-related things I get anxiety about that I would like to confront. Public speaking, large-scale murals, starting a clothing line - those are all things that I tend to shy away from. My goal is to keep pushing myself to do all of the things I'm afraid of until I'm totally comfortable with them.

Rachal Duggan, illustrator, educator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Rachal Duggan - dog side tote

My goal for 2017 is to keep pushing myself to draw every day. I really love looking back on my work from a few years ago all the way up until now. I can see where I've grown and all of the things I've been through. It's important to me to keep moving forward for what I want and I want nothing more than to draw.

I have this habit of creating very fast, one-off drawings. It's not a bad thing; it's just what I do. But I'd like to work on creating stories and series in 2017.

I've always loved sending hand-drawn cards to my friends and family. I'm excited to debut a new hand-drawn card + message I plan to share in the new year.

I started doing live-drawing events in 2016 where I set up shop in an art space and anyone can walk up and get a custom portrait in only a few minutes for $5. I'm eager to continue this new tradition in 2017 and expand my menu (last year I did paranormal portrait, butt portraits, witch portraits and spirit animals).

Camille Chew, illustrator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Lord of Masks

My New Year's goals are to continue working on freelance projects while finding the time to devote to some personal projects too. I keep a long list of ideas for illustrations and series I'd like to make and I plan to have, at least a few of them, completed in 2017. Also, I aim to focus on creating more illustrated products, like jewelry and pins. Ultimately the goal is to improve at scheduling myself so there's actually have time for everything on my ever-expanding Artwork To Do list!

Isa Beniston, artist, business owner, badass

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Isa Beniston - Puppies

For me, goals come in bursts, during moments of reflection, or after I've royally beefed something.  

Sometimes a goal will sprout up out of nowhere--like I see a cool editorial shoot in a magazine or a collaboration and I think "damn, I want to do that!" So I think about what I can do to get there: why was that shoot selected? Do I do anything similar that I could develop further and pitch to them?

I also create goals by reflecting more often than at the start of the New Year tbh!  I usually spend my drive home from work mulling over the day/week/month/year.  What did I do that I'm proud of and how was I able to do it? Can I take those same steps again and do it even better?  Or, on the flip side of that: what didn't I accomplish this year and why didn't it happen?  What can I do to fix that going forward?

But my favorite way to set goals is by failing (jk kind of). Failure is by far the fastest, most effective way to learn something. Instead of thinking "I should have charged more for that commission," or "I should've checked postage rates to Australia before I sent that invoice," I try really hard to be nice to myself when something doesn't go as planned.  If I beef, there's an immediate goal I've set for the future: don't do that again.

My goals for 2017 are to hire a *paid* intern, set aside more time for drawing, and delegate tasks that don't leverage my strengths (i.e. work with professionals instead of always trying to diy!).  I also really, really want to get big in Japan.

Amber Vittoria, illustrator

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

Man Repeller x Amber Vittoria

My goal is to make art everyday. From a professional standpoint, I'd love to continue to connect with people, to continue to spread my art to those who have yet to discover it, in hopes it brings them a new perspective or at minimum, a smile across their face.

MariNaomi, cartoonist

#ArtGoals: Artists On New Year's Resolutions and How To Stick To 'Em

MariNaomi for Buzzfeed

My professional goals next year are pretty straightforward, as at this point I'm just following deadlines for my next book. I do, however, have a list of side projects I get to work on if I get ahead of those deadlines. I'm so excited to work on those, it's a great motivator to get my main work done early.

On a personal note, my 2017 goals are to learn a song on the ukelele, take a self-defense class, and take down the patriarchy.

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