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Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

It's somehow already July which means you're about six weeks away from college. Maybe it's your first year or maybe you're heading back to your home-away-from-home. Either way, it's time to start thinking about prepping for the school year! Here's a few things to think about in-between your sunburns and popsicles:

1. Plan the Details

Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

Dorm Dimensions

Once you're informed of the dorm you'll be living in (obviously the cool one) check out your school's website for more information. Layout, dimensions, and general rules for room-alteration should be displayed and will help you begin to make decorating decisions.

New Roomie

Ever had a penpal? Well this is like that, but better. Think of some fun questions to ask them to break the ice; you'll be having a perpetual-sleepover in no time!

2. Get your Dorm Essentials

Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

Duvet Covers are not only a great way to make a bold statement, but they're incredibly easy to remove and wash, making that pizza stain one less thing you have to worry about.

Having an abundance of Throw Pillows is the most comfortable way to fill your dorm with personality.

Throw Blankets are more than a fuzzy mound hiding your laundry pile, they're the answer to your dorm's ancient broken AC unit that thinks you need a full Antarctic experience.

Since you'll be sharing a bathroom, a unique Bath Towel is more than a cool statement, it's insurance against your weird neighbor who claims he thought your towel was his.

3. Show off Your Personality

Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away

Wall Tapestries are easy, lightweight and perfect for covering the cork bulletin board that's been on the dorm wall since 1975.

An essential to every room, Art Prints are a no-brainer. And with so many options to choose from, we guarantee you'll find a way to hang it that will work within your school's rules.

College is about making new bffs, finding your passions, eating whatever you want and going to class. You'll constantly be checking-out the time on our bold Wall Clocks, making it easy to slide in your seat on time.

Be the dorm sweetheart when you swap out the scary Psycho-white Shower Curtains for ones depicting a tropical getaway. Extra credit for hanging an "In Ibiza: Do Not Disturb" sign.

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Back to School Checklist: 6-8 Weeks Away





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