Current Mood: So Hot We Literally Can't Even

Aqua Melt 

Summer means freedom from bad moods and boring responsibilities, but it also means you're in a prison of hot, hot heat. When it's ninety degrees in the shade and you're pretty sure it hasn't rained since 1945, your spirit animal is the gummi frogs you left in your car that are now one hot-giant-sugar-blob. Here, Leanna Robinson put together some of her favorite things that look the way we all feel, inside and out. So cozy up to your deoderant and melt into the heat of summer with these hot options.

Current Mood: So Hot We Literally Can't Even.

1. Melting Phone Case 

2. Agate Interpreted Wall Clock

3. Here Comes the Sun Mug

4. Melty Ice Cream Tote Bag

5. Melty Rainbow Laptop Case

6. Melty Cone Carryall Pouch

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Check out the melting collection here!




nicsdesign commented on Saturday, August 13, 2016 5:46pm
These are super hot hot hot!! I love them all especially the melting lips by Paul Fuentes! Check out the super hot "melting" design I created inspired by this post:
Veronika Weroni Vajdová commented on Sunday, August 21, 2016 7:39am
I like the melting glasses... Because sometimes it DOES feel like they're melting when you have them on... and sweat... anyway. tmi :D

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