Home improvement on Society6

Hey everybody! As you may have noticed, we've just made some exciting updates to Society6.

First off, we’ve organized the Posts on the homepage by POPULAR PRODUCTS (Posts with products for sale), and POPULAR POSTS (Posts that do not have products for sale) posted within the last 24 hours.

For those of you that love to promote, we've added VIEW RECENT POSTS showing the 20 most recent Posts to help give even greater exposure to new artists and artwork.

POPULAR ARTISTS features the artists with the greatest number of promotions within the last 48 hours, and takes visitors directly to your artist page within the Shop.

We’ve added “More from this Artist” to your product pages within the Shop to highlight more products for those predisposed to purchase your work.

You can now Follow any artist directly from their artist page within the Shop.

You can now Promote any Post from the product page within the Shop.

We’ve eliminated those pesky “Buy” icons from the homepage, by simply replacing them with the price of your Mini Fine Art prints.

We're on to the next round of goodies...

Thanks again for being a part of Society6!

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