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How To Find The Coolest Art For Any Budget


One of the best things about S6 is that we have thousands of incredibly affordable art prints and thousands of investment pieces (that are still pretty darn affordable!). Are you living off ramen and toast but still want some dope decor? We've got you. Or are you ready to make your first sophisticated, "adult" art purchase, one that says "I know this is cool because it confuses me."? We've got you there too. Get ready to bring out the Benjamins (or Washingtons) as writer Angella D'Avignon shows you how to become the art collector of your and your bank account's dreams.

Have you ever walked into an apartment, say of a friend's or when you end up at a random party and think, "Dang, these people have amazing art. How do they do it?" Art can be expensive, my friends, but it doesn't have to be if you play it right. Here are a few options to lock down some starter pieces or new additions to your collection.


Start small with mini unframed prints.

Never underestimate the power of a small print. Mini unframed prints are a smart way to start because you only spend a little bit of money, and you get to sample a style of work you think you'll be into. If you like what you get, you can always add a few more for a motif.

Check out these prints from Lorin Brown and BFGF! Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for metal frames at the thrift store. I have found really great silver metal frames that I painted white to match my apartment for under $5. No need to get something framed professionally as most of these pieces come in standard sizes.




Upgrade to medium and large prints.

A bigger vibrant statement piece can brighten your room, kitchen, or bathroom space. Rachel Peck, Henn Kim, and Mick Bailey have playful, saturated prints that look beautiful blown up with or without a frame.


UNDER $100

Treat yo'self!

If you've got a budget to go big, S6 offers you a few cool ways to maximize the print you choose. Canvas prints, metal prints, and tapestries are eclectic ways to make your art collection stand out above the rest!

Remember when having big metal road signs on your bedroom wall was the ultimate cool? Relive some of that DIY magic with slick metal prints. Not only are they durable and hang differently, they bring a little something extra to the traditional art print. Wall tapestries are the coolest if you have a big wall to fill. A drapey beautiful print will do the trick and set the tone for the whole room.

How To Find The Coolest Art For Any Budget





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