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Introducing Tote Bags on Society6

We are pleased to bring you Tote Bags available now in your store! Our canvas tote, available in Natural and Black, is made from 100% post-industrial recycled cotton, making it environmentally and socially responsible.

For those of you already selling T-shirts on Society6, Tote Bags have automatically been activated for you since we use your T-shirt asset to create the Tote Bags. If you need to EDIT these, just click "ADD T-SHIRTS & MORE" at the top of any post to easily edit all products that accompany your Art Prints. Please remember that if you want to activate Black Tote Bags (as you had to do with the addition of our new dark T-shirt and Hoody colors) you will need to prepare your artwork as PNG files with a transparent background. JPEGs are still accepted if you only want to offer Natural Totes with no white ink underbase. Due to additional labor and materials, the white underbase PNG option retails for a few bucks more than the JPG version.

They're totes, totes. ;)





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