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Kitsune Noir Poster Club

We wanted to highlight Kitsune Noir Poster Club happening here on Society6. We teamed up with Bobby Solomon over at Kitsune Noir to put this together and we're happy to report it has been a real success.

For this first round of posters Bobby asked five artists to interpret books they really enjoy into a print that will be a lasting work of art. The first collection of poster artists include Frank Chimero, Mark Weaver, Jez Burrows, Cody Hoyt and Garrett Vander Leun. If you haven't seen the collection already head over to the Studio and take a look: http://www.society6.com/studio/kitsunenoir

You can also check out Bobby's interviews with the artists over on Kitsune Noir: http://kitsunenoir.com/?s=society6






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