A Lazy Girl's Guide to the 6 Step Room Makeover

Hey guys! My name is Stephanie and I'm the newest member of the Society6 editorial team. I'm thrilled to be joining a community that thirsts for compelling stories of creativity, and can't wait to continue to share new artwork, artists, and forever-cool things with you. But first off, I'm here to admit that I'm lazy. My dream night involves never leaving my couch, blanket over my head, watching late-night talk show interviews. If you're like me, you know that the room-redo struggle can be so real. You want to spruce things up and bring some new life to your space but with the least amount of blood sweat and tears and the most amount of Netflix, pizza, and Snapchat. Thankfully Alyssa Lau of Ordinary People knows being lazy doesn't mean you have to be boring! She gives us some seriously fool-proof tips for a room makeover; so open a new tab and get lost in the S6 world of home decor without even leaving your bed. 

Keeping a clean room is hard when you're lazy. Keeping a clean, nice-looking room is even harder. After all, we all know that we have better things to do, like searching YouTube for cute animal videos. But what happens when you get bored of the clean, nice-looking room that you've worked so hard on? Fret not, there are some very easy room makeover hacks that every lazy girl and boy should know, and in no time (and no effort) you'll be tricking other people into thinking your room looks like something you'd reblog on Tumblr.

Lazy Girl's Guide: A Six Step Room Makeover

Step 1

Cover your floors with pretty mats and rugs that are easy to move around. Keep the rug's colors subtle for an effortless "I didn't really mean to put that there but it looks great, doesn't it?" feel. Or surprise everybody with a flamboyant print that shouts "I actually care about my room!". Either way, you can't go wrong.

Step 2

Tape pictures, drawings, scribbles, and your 5-year-goals onto your wall (because framing things is wayyyy too much work).

Lazy Girl's Guide: A Six Step Room Makeover

Step 3

Use mismatched throw pillows on your bed or couch, and switch them up every once in awhile.

Step 4

Use a throw blanket instead of a duvet. I mean, if you've ever used a duvet before, then you'll know exactly how when you can't-even, it's so annoying to put a duvet cover on all by yourself. So why not save yourself the pain and spend all day in bed with a fuzzy throw blanket? Print optional, but highly recommended.

Lazy Girl's Guide: A Six Step Room Makeover

Step 5

Transform a boring, plain ole' door by draping a wall tapestry on it. No equipment needed, just some hand-eye coordination and commitment to moving as little as possible.

Step 6

Put everything you don't want to see in a corner and ignore it until your next room makeover.

Lazy Girl's Guide: A Six Step Room Makeover

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Little g Design commented on Thursday, July 14, 2016 11:01am
Good tips, great artist selections and most of all, WELCOME!! Looking forward to reading more from you while snuggled under a blanket on my sofa being lazy as well 😊
Little g Design commented on Thursday, July 14, 2016 11:44am
OH! PS. Don't think I didn't see the Link sheild from the Legend of Zelda in there. 10 points for that.
Wilde One commented on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 6:06pm
Throw a sheet or piece of fabric over that pile of stuff you don't want to deal with and things will look uncluttered. If someone is coming over and all your surfaces are covered with clutter, throw sheets over everything and say you are painting.

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