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Locals Only. Collaboration Directions.

Thanks so much for your contribution to Locals Only http://www.society6.com/collab/Locals...y_Your_Art. We're hoping that your interpretation of Locals Only is not merely a look at different city names, but how space is created, viewed and managed by you as well as the influence you have on the space within the city you occupy.

Some directions to help you navigate this collaboration:

1. Please apply for Locals Only, only if you at least intend to contribute.
2. Create your piece and post it to your Studio at anytime, but by no later than August 27th to be considered for the final collection.
3. Please use "Locals Only - Your City Name Here" as the title of your post.

Along with some special guests, we'll be curating the final collection as we go.

As reference, here is what some Society6 members did surrounding the Portland Prints Show earlier this year: http://www.society6.com/studio/portland/store
Collaboration Closed on: August 15, 2010
From village to megalopolis, this is a visual examination of that place you call home. All you have to do is 'apply', create your locally inspired piece, and post it to your Studio for sale as a print. We'll then curate the final collection along with some special guests and promote it far and wide.





Dashevsky commented on Thursday, August 26, 2010 5:03pm
just posted my contribution! www.society6.com/studio/dashdesigner/Locals_Only_The_Bronx_NY
Laura Brightwood commented on Friday, August 27, 2010 9:38am
done and done

Here is to...Chapel Hill, NC


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