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Micro-Patronage: Anyone can Give A Grant on society6!

First off a quick thanks to our grant givers. We've been very pleased with the response so far from people who want to support the arts in a participatory way. For those of you who are not yet familiar, we wanted to highlight a key aspect of society6's Grants; any individual or organization can give a grant through society6.com - it's that simple.

All you need to do is click on GIVE A GRANT from our Grants page - http://www.society6.com/grants - write up the grant description in 255 characters or less, select money or opportunity and submit it to us at society6. We'll review it and make sure it is in the best interest of artists, and if so we'll make it live and available.

For those of you who know a person or organization that you think would like to get involved and issue a grant to the society6 community, send them this link and tell them about society6 - http://www.society6.com/grants/create

The key detail is that these Grants can come in the form of opportunities which likely cost the grant giver nothing to provide. It is our desire that one day the Open Grants index of society6 will be filled with hundreds of opportunity and money grants and that artists from all over the world will benefit.





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