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New Grant highlight: Rolf Contemporary Gallery

I wanted to highlight a recent grant that's coming from the Rolf Contemporary Gallery. They are offering a grant of artist representation services to help with different aspects of your art career. They have a pretty solid offering in terms of their services, and you have to be selected by their team in order to qualify for these normally, so their pretty exclusive and it puts you in good company. You can read about the services here: http://www.rolfcontemporary.com/services=pg1.html

We're very excited to see diverse and creative uses of the Society6 grant system. Especially from a group that is clearly committed to helping and supporting artists that are both emerging and established. Check out their grant: http://www.society6.com/grants/grant/...ry_Gallery and see if it interests you.

Here's a little about the gallery as well: "Rolf Contemporary is an independent gallery and publisher that offers original art, limited edition prints, photography, livre d'artiste, and a variety of books. We also provide artist accreditation resources and representation services. Our mission is to exhibit and publish the finest in unconventional artists, designers, and photographers."






Marianne Murdock commented on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 9:48am
Thank you Justin. I'm trying to understand this site. I think I accidently nominated myself!? Can someone check this out?
Best, m

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