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One & Done Studio to collaborate with Veeka and Society6

We are pleased to announce that One & Done, the Graphic Design and Illustration studio of Lorin Brown, will collaborate with Veeka and Society6 to create a limited edition series of Veeka x Society6 cycling gloves, a graphic tee, a mug and a tote.

Visit One & Done Studios on Society6

Look for the resulting edition to be on sale soon!

Thanks again to everyone for your enthusiasm for the project.

An inspirational statement from Veeka:

As both avid cyclers and designers our team has worked together with various forms to research the intersection between fashion and function. Blending the classic cycle aesthetic of a bygone era with the modern functionality demanded by today’s cyclist allows us to offer a new “classic”.

Collaboration Closed on: February 7, 2014
Your artwork as limited edition cycling gloves, graphic tee, mug & tote exclusively for Veeka x Society6. We're looking for between one and four artists for this collaboration.





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