These 5 Foolproof Cooking Tips Will Boost Your Kitchen Confidence
I love to cook, but I'll admit I have no idea what I'm doing. Baking is different. It's a safe space with perfect proportions, rigid directions, and delicious "quality control". But every time I attempt the confident improvisation that is the art of cooking, it feels like I'm trying to copy a Jackson Pollock. By all means, I should be able to replicate this result, so why does it end up in such a gloopy mess? Anna Harris, is a creative…
Six Pack: Week of November 21, 2016
This week's Six Pack features a rich array of original visuals from Typealive (Munster, Germany), Isa Wald (Finland), DaiChris (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Dorian Legret (Orleans, France), KayCie Danniel - Club Wyrdeaux (Orlando, Florida) and Inmyfantasia (Trieste, Italy). We really mean it - as a growing community, we appreciate every single person on the ride with us. If you like the work below, click through and give a promote. If you really dig an artist's work, follow them and stay up on your 
Artists, We’re Spreading The Word: Notebooks Have Launched!
Do you have a lot of feelings? Well get ready, because you and your customers are about to have a new place to put them. We're thrilled to be adding notebooks to our product offering; they're the perfect way to rep your artwork at work, in class, or curled up in bed copying inspirational Drake lyrics in your best cursive. I mean, dear diary: is this even real life?  I can assure you it is, and here's the specs to prove…
Watch This Impressive Timelapse of Tanya Shatseva’s Large-Scale Piece, "Self-Crowned"
She has three rats, was paid $2,000 by a stranger for her thoughts on god and lives entirely on her artistic talent. Tanya Shatseva, 26-years old and based in St. Petersburg, Russia, didn' realize her incredible talent until making it through a short stint of doing comedic portraits on commission. Now? Her fantasy-inspired artwork is being added to private collections all over the world. She's built a healthy following on YouTube with her timelapses so we were super excited to…
Holiday Party Etiquette: 4 Ways To Be The Best Guest This Season
Thank goodness for the holidays, because otherwise winter would be SAD. In the years of old, whoever planned out our current calendar knew that around this time of year everyone would def need some festivities to look forward to; especially those that include the greatest indoor heater known to man, wine. However, as we grow up, these celebrations seem to come with their own set of mysterious, unwritten rules. Should I bring the host a…
2017 Society6 Artist Calendar is HERE!
Well, another year is done and gone and although that might make some people a little sappy, over here we're stoked because that just means another amazing Society6 Artist Calendar! Our brand new 2017 calendar is jam-packed with fresh artwork by twelve talented artists and sweeter than ever. I just want to take a minute to say a HUGE thank you to all of the participating artists. I am extremely proud of all the work that they put in to make this an amazing product and an…
SF Artist Rewina Beshue On Using Instagram As A Tool To Own Her Individuality
San Francisco-based artist, model, and student, Rewina Beshue is so cool it hurts. She's got a fresh face, effortless style, and a finger forever on the pulse of the west coast's creative scene. We hung out with the it-girl for an insider's tour of the city by the bay, and found out how she balances school, work, and her myriad of artistic endeavors.
Pack These 10 Things To Guarantee Your Next Trip Will Be Smooth Sailing
With the holidays coming up, I imagine a lot of you will find yourselves waiting in long lines at airports or finding creative ways to stretch your legs during marathon road trips. I know life is supposed to be "about the journey" but let's be real, sometimes the journey just sucks. And as much as we love the the end destination (family, friends, FOOD) the getting-there-and-back can be make or break for how relaxing your trip will be. NY-based stylist, Brynn…
3 Rules For Throwing The Perfect Friendsgiving Gathering
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for those of us who live far from home, it's a celebration of friendship, better known as Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is the Thanksgiving you have with your chosen family: your bffs. It's a time for you to hang with those you love most, plan an epic meal, and relax knowing you don't have to answer any of those "what are you doing with your life?" questions (until Christmas). We asked stylist and friendsgiving professional,
Camper Gift Guide: What To Buy Those Who Wander
We all have those friends who just can't seem to stay indoors. While I'm most in touch with my soul in a heated room, with my own bed and my own wireless internet access, these so-called "outdoorsy-types" somehow find the comforts of our modern world to be completely uncomfortable. If this perspective is so outside of your own personal experience that you have no idea what to buy your camping cohorts, we've got you covered. Our outdoor experts have put together a

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