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Six Pack: Week of January 23, 2017
This exciting new Six Pack features original work to energize your eyeballs from PHIRST (Canada), Ellajax (Stockholm, Sweden), Ines J. (Belgrade, Serbia), Caitlin Hackett (Oakland,California), Carp Matthew (London, United Kingdom) and MissMaiJa (Finland). Keep on ruling s6ers - as a growing community, we appreciate every single person on the ride with us. If you like the work below, click through and give a promote. If you really dig an artist's work, follow them and stay up on your 
From Blah To Bold: 2 S6 Editors Wore Color For A Week And This Is What Happened
Hello, there. It's Nada and Stephanie: the editors behind the Society6 blog. Upon discovering that we basically wore the same outfits every day at the office, we decided to challenge ourselves in the spirit of a new year to wear bold colors and prints for an entire week. We courageously journaled about our experiences to share with all of you. The week had it's ups and downs, as we wandered far beyond our comfort zones into a realm of vibrancy and pizzazz! Read along to find out how we did:
Drumroll, Please: Introducing Our 10 Girlschool x Society6 Artist Collaborations
We are *so* excited to finally announce our artist collaborations for a very special partnership we announced back in December. We've joined forces with the all-female music festival and collective to create a special body of work pairing Girlschool artists with Society6 artists to create a series of artwork on the theme: Amplify. Over the last few weeks,…
Get a Room! Inside Creative Couple Dave and Victoria’s Stylish Brooklyn Loft
As we approach Valentine's Day, we wanted to shed some light on creative couples who inspire us. First up: Dave Sutton and Victoria Masters, who have achieved the kind of #RelationshipGoals every millennial dreams of while they compulsively swipe right on their phones each night. They live in a gorgeous Brooklyn loft filled with plants and exposed brick, collaborate on creative projects together and find time to farm and garden on weekends, which is wildly impressive for someone like me, who can't find the time to eat vegetables, much less chop them, much less grow them. Seriously…
Can I Have Your Job? Interview With Music Supervisor Rob Lowry
As you enter the new year trying to hustle, lean in, and just show up to work on time, we're starting a new series called "Can I Have Your Job? inspired by the coolest things people do all day. In our first installment, writer Kira Cook interviews music supervisor Rob Lowry. Welcome to "Can I Have Your Job?", a new series spawned by the holy triumvirate of jealousy, admiration, and ambition. I'm starting this series off with my friend Rob Lowry of
Six Pack: Week of January 16, 2017
This week's Six Pack dips into some adventure and mystery with original works from JeezVanilla (Stockholm, Sweden), WEAREYAWN (Dortmund, Germany), Jack Daly (Glasgow, Scotland), Laura Avila (San Salvador, El Salvador), Josh Sinn (Baltimore, Maryland) and Manzel (Amityville, New York). Keep on ruling s6ers - as a growing community, we appreciate every single person on the ride with us. If you like the work below, click through and give a promote. If you really dig an artist's work, follow them and stay up…
Creating Without Fear: Inside The Studio Of Illustrator Keith Negley
Keith Negley is the kind of person who is impossible not to admire. He's incredibly skilled, highly creative, and (for lack of a better word) real. His illustrations lack pretension, but never precision, making them as endlessly relatable as they are visually compelling. He's created work for everyone from The New York Times to SubPop to the toughest client, his own son. I had the opportunity to talk to…
This Winter Love Affair Will Help You Stay Warm In Style
Getting to January feels like finishing a marathon. And THEN you realize that even though the "marathon" of the previous year is over, you still have at least three more months until anything feels truly new. Winter is cruel that way, but it can be tempered by knowing that you've got a few more dreamy nights by the fire with hot toddies and old movies. And if you've got someone to share the season with, even better! Stylist Ana Alic…
Breaking Open Femininity With NY Illustrator Amber Vittoria
Women have long been portrayed in art as the lover, the muse, the mother, but rarely as just women. Possibly because there is no such thing as "just" a woman; she is complex, enigmatic, multi-faceted, everything all at once. New York City based illustrator Amber Vittoria, seeks to wrap her mind around all parts of herself and her amorphous gender, embracing the female longing to understand, to accept, to celebrate. Like Picasso in his famed
The Snuggle Is Real: Get To Know Our Throw Blankets
We're feeling extra cozy these days and are on a mission to ensure that you do too. That's why were giving you a detailed look at one of our essential items: the throw blanket.  The first thing you'll notice is the softness. That's Sherpa fleece - a soft, plush polyester blend fabric designed to feel and look like sheepskin. It's warm enough to line the jackets of mountain explorers, yet super…

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