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Public Order Art Show Recap

I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who showed face at our Public Order group art show at Kingswell this past Saturday night! There was amazing art, great tunes, drinks flowing, and literally a packed house. The contributing artists killed it with the mug shot pieces they submitted, resulting in a SOLD OUT show.

If you weren’t able to attend, we’d like to invite you to check out the Public Order collection right here:

A video of the event is in the works, so you can either re-live the event or watch and pretend you were there. We'll share the video the moment it's ready!

Massive thanks to our participating artists, Kingswell for hosting us, our videographer Mark Underwood, our photographer Micah Cordy, and all of you for just being awesome.

The show will be up now thru August 23rd at Kingswell.

The show includes new work by:
Austin England
David Penela
Doug Smock
Farizwan Fajari (aka Speak Cryptic)
Jesse Draxler
Jonathan Campo
Kyle Cobban
Mariana, a Miserável (aka The Miserable One)
Matthew Goik
Noah Harmon (aka Relax Adult)
Philip Morgan
Ryan Humphrey
Scott Listfield
Sofia Bonati
Wasted Rita

About the show:

***** P U B L I C O R D E R *****

Whether from the advent of social media, society's collective addiction to reality TV, or both, it seems deviance in pop culture is at an all time high. The bummer about our front row seats to the unsavory activities of public icons, is how infrequently we see the culmination...until now.
Our contributing artists have interpreted the best (and worst) outcomes of community disruption in the form of the quintessential mugshot and are showing the world what it looks like when the subject gets caught.

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Public Order Art Show Recap by Wesley Bird

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