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Staycations Forever: Chill Tips for Long Weekends

With summer in full view, your post-winter cabin fever is searching for any relief it can find. This Memorial Day weekend it might be tempting to hit the open road, but once you're stuck in that Friday traffic jam you'll find yourself wistfully missing Camp Internet (located 0 miles west of your bedroom). Embrace the staycation this Memorial Day with stylist Brynn Elliott Watkins of Being Elliot and her husband, filmmaker Aaron Craig, whose tips are proven to provide max-relaxation.

Aaron and I travel so much that we love the occasional "staycation" on the weekends. It's such a treat to get to actually spend time in our Brooklyn apartment. We try to take long weekends as a chance to rediscover favorite things in our neighborhood as well as spend quality time together. 

Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

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In the mornings I love to read a book and sip some tea. It's so relaxing to set aside a few moments to get lost in a book. Right now I'm reading one that I picked up at a charity shop in Wales called Exploring, by Gilcraft. Not only is it a great read, but it's been encouraging me to get out and live life to the fullest in every aspect. 

Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

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Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

One thing Aaron and I always try to do together on a weekend at home is take a long walk. It's so refreshing to look at the tree-lined streets and pretty houses in our Brooklyn neighborhood. We like to get lost and discover unknown delights and new local gems. And as much as I love Manhattan, our favorite coffee shops and restaurants are right here in Brooklyn. 

Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

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After the walk I usually have to do some work on my computer. With a job like I have, it seems like I always have to beo n call - even on long weekends. It can feel all-consuming, but I absolutely love what I do. However, after a quick check-up on projects and emails I make a point to relax for the rest of the night. 

Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

Staycations Forever How To Chill This Memorial Day Weekend

One of our absolute favorite things to do together is watch movies. Aaron is a filmmaker and I am (unsurprisingly) an avid movie fan. There is nothing better than snuggling up, munching on some popcorn, and watching a comedy. We always seem to be going in different directions for work, so I cherish these moments spent laughing together.

It's the little things like a good book and a good laugh that keep us sane in our busy life. You don't need to go far away from home to have fun, and sometimes the best weekend is spent right in your backyard!

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Very nice write up
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OMG, I spotted that sliver of a b&w photograph in one of the first pictures where you are on the couch and thought, man I really want to see the whole thing and find the link for it, and then when it showed up in the last picture again, my heart broke because there was not link to it. Please, please add link to b&w photograph.
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