Superheroes Group Show Details

We're really looking forward to your contribution to Superheroes, a group art show collaboration between D-Structure and Society6.

Superheroes transcend age, gender, and location. Every young boy and girl dreams of the awesome and magnificent. From our childhood comic book collections to our fascination with superheroes in popular culture. This is a chance for you to interpret the wonderment of Superheroes how you see fit (or completely misfit)!

All you have to do is 'apply' for the collaboration, create your Superheroes inspired piece, and post it to your Studio for sale as an art print. We'll then curate both the final collection that will be displayed as a group show at D-Structure San Francisco opening Friday, May 6th 2011, as well as an extended virtual collection that will be featured in the Society6 Shop sometime in April.

Some directions to help you navigate this collaboration:

1. Please apply for Superheroes, only if you at least intend to contribute. You do not have to be physically present in San Francisco to participate, all S6 members are encouraged to contribute.
2. Create your piece and post it to your Studio at anytime, but by no later than Friday, March 11th to be considered for the group show and the virtual collection.
3. Please use "Superheroes SF" as the title of your post.

Along with D-Structure and some other special guests, we'll be curating the final collection as we go.

More about D-Structure
D-Structure, with it’s headquarters and flagship store in San Francisco strives to provide a platform for independent designers and artists, while providing uniquely curated products to our customers that meet our standards of artisan craftsmanship, and innovative design. We continue to pursue ways to involve ourselves in a culture that is passionate about art, fashion, and music.
Collaboration Closed on: February 4, 2011
Together with D-Structure, we're assembling a legion of Society6 artists to create original "Superheroes" inspired works for a group show at the D-Structure gallery San Francisco, May 2011.





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